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Make invitation cards for children's birthday parties - Mr Beam Tutorial

Oooh wow, it's that time again: Our daughter's birthday is coming up - she'll be six! Crazy how time flies, isn't it? Do you also feel like every year on your children's birthdays that you ask yourself where the time has gone?

After the unicorn party decorations last year, this year she wants a party with the motto "butterflies and rainbows". At first I was surprised about this combination, but when I had the idea for the design of the invitation card for the children's birthday party , I really liked it. Fortunately, I can perfectly implement ideas for children's birthday parties with the Mr Beam decoration .

That's why I'm going to show you in this tutorial how you can use the Mr Beam to make beautiful invitation cards with a rainbow and a butterfly that you can stand up.

Material for your invitation cards for children's birthday parties

Material children's birthday card

You need that
  • Glue
  • shiny rainbow paper
  • Colourful construction paper
  • and the file from the Mr Beam Design store


Laser your rainbow invitation card for the children's birthday party

The file for the rainbow invitation card

Start your Mr Beam and also the BeamOS so that you can start directly. You can also find my file for this tutorial in the design store. It will be a beautiful standing invitation card with a colourful rainbow and a butterfly with a 3D effect.

And the shiny rainbow paper conjures up a little magical highlights.

The nice thing is that it's so easy to make.

Rainbow invitation card template

Template invitation card children's birthday

You load the file from the theme store into your theme library. There you select it and it ends up in the workspace. The rainbow invitation card is sized to fold into an A7 (12.7 × 17.8 cm) envelope.

If you open the file in your workspace in BeamOS, you will see that the cut lines have different colours.

It is the colour I used for our rainbow invitation cards for children's birthday parties and should serve as a guide, even if you end up choosing completely different colours.

The Mr Beam in action for your rainbow invitation cards for children's birthday parties

Depending on the size of your construction paper, you can laser several colours at the same time. To do this, simply place several colours of your construction paper next to each other in the Mr Beam. Make sure they don't overlap. In the preview in BeamOS you position the associated elements on the colours. You just leave the other elements somewhere where they don't bother you, and then select "laser".

laser settings

The material “paper” is already stored. Since you will be lasering several colours at the same time, you can choose any colour under "Colour".

All the colours that you don't cut with this laser job, you move into the "Skip" field.

As always, my little but nice reminder: never forget to focus.

When that's done, the Mr Beam can start the laser job.

Laser butterfly

Isn't it always amazing how fast and precisely the Mr Beam cuts paper? Aside from the fact that Mr Beam should never be left unattended, it's not even worth turning around with paper, it finishes too quickly for that.

Some elements of the invitation card for the children's birthday party should be lasered mirrored

The butterfly for the rainbow invitation card for children's birthday consists of three layers for the 3D effect. The bottom layer, just like the word "Invitation", is lasered out of glossy rainbow paper. Shiny and reflective papers must always be lasered from the back to prevent the laser beam from being reflected and possibly destroying your laser head.

So both the lower layer of the butterfly and the word “invitation” are set to reflect.

laser settings

You should also mirror the elements with the clouds. Here, however, the reason is that you can clearly see even the smallest traces of smoke on the front of the white construction paper.

Make the rainbow invitation card for a child's birthday party

Now you need your glue and of course all the lasered elements for the rainbow invitation card with 3D butterfly.

Make an invitation card

First, you glue the stripes of the rainbow one after the other onto the sky-blue background.

making rainbows

Then comes the butterfly. The bottom layer consists of the glossy rainbow paper. This is followed by the light yellow butterfly. You apply the glue to the body of the rainbow butterfly and press the light yellow butterfly onto it to fit. Do the same with the top layer.

tinker butterfly

When your butterfly has dried, stick it on the corresponding field of the cloud element. For the beautiful 3D effect, bend the wings of the butterfly up a little. In this way, more light can fall on the shiny rainbow paper from the side and conjure up the somewhat magical light reflections.

Butterfly with 3D effect

On the second cloud element comes the word "invitation". Since I don't have a good sense of proportion myself, I drew very delicate orientation lines on the construction paper with a pencil and a ruler.

And as a positioning aid for the individual letters, I used the paper from which Mr Beam lasered the letters as a template.

Make an invitation card

Inside the letters you apply the glue to the construction paper, place the respective letter in the stencil and press it in place. Make sure you only use as much glue as you need, or it will pop out the sides. First, it doesn't look so nice and secondly, in the worst case, your stencil may stick.

When all the letters are fixed, lift off the stencil and let it dry a bit.

DIY invitation card

To set up the invitation card, the cloud elements are glued to the background with the rainbow. The dashed lines serve as crease aids. Here, you fold the construction paper inwards.

Glue the element with the butterfly in the middle of the other cloud element. And the outer flap of the “invitation’s cloud" is glued to the rainbow background at the back.

Tip: I like to use paper-clips to hold the glued area in place to prevent it from detaching while the glue is drying.

Your rainbow invitation card for children's birthday party with a beautiful 3D butterfly is ready!

Another tip: You can laser make the butterfly and the rainbow smaller and use them to decorate the envelopes for the invitation cards.

I wish you a lot of fun imitating - and a great rainbow birthday party!

Your Rina

Children's birthday invitation card

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