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Crafting with slate - a colorful board game

The next games evening is coming up? Make your own beautiful board game out of slate.

Thanks to your Mr Beam, it's easy! If you want to copy my board game, you can find the file for it in the Mr Beam Design store.

What else do you need for crafting with slate
  • a slate
  • Cardboard or paper for the template
  • Colorful poplar plywood in green, blue, red and yellow for your game figures
  • Woodleim
  • A little clamp
  • Flex or vinyl foil (without plotters and films also alternatively take acrylic pens) in the colors of your game figures
  • A plotter
  • A small heat transfer press
  • Baking paper for pressing
  • hot glue
  • felt
  • A dice

You have a file for Crafting with slate Downloaded, but how do you get your design out exactly on the slate plate? Very easily! Create a template to engrave your slate.

A template for your slate plate

To do this, you open your graphics program and charges the "Do not Lose Head Game" file in the workspace.

Miss the size of your slate plate and create them as a form in your graphics program.

Now you fit the size of the game board (along with the game figures and colour points, so that all contents of the file continue to be in the same size) to yours Slate and centre it in your just created form. And you already have yours Template created to align your engraving exactly on the slate!

Save everything and upload the template into your BeamOS design library.

 Board game

Now put the cardboard for the template in yours Mr Beam. At the laser Do you first survive the engraving to get your template.

Tip to engrave
If you want to engrave more often on slate plates of the same size, set the cardboard in the corner of the lattice of the Mr Beam and note the coordinates used for your shape on the cardboard. So you can use them again at any time.

Remove the inner part of your lasered template and lay the slate plate aligned at the template, in yours Mr Beam.


The choice of slides for your board game on slate

Craft game figures

Flex foil is thin and adapts very nicely to the bumps that bring the surface of the slate. Vinyl foil is a bit thicker and more resistant. For this, you do not need a press, just a hair dryer around the Liability to improve the slate. Choose the colours of your foils matching the colours of your game figures.

Craft your board game on slate

Engraving can begin - and takes a lot of time. The most beautiful result I received with a line spacing of 0.1.

In the time in which the Mr Beam engraved your slate plate, you can tinker the colourful circles.

The four smaller circles are each for the goal. A big circle for the starting position and the remaining fours for the starting panels. Your plotter can now cut them, followed by the process of weeding as usual.


Without plotters, you can also cut the circles with scissors from the film or the engraved circles with acrylic Pins on your slate colour. If you want to use vinyl foil, then you rattle yours now after a mess Transfer film on the circles And transfer them, circle for circle, on your slate.

Tip for tinkering with slate
In order to improve the adhesion, the foil would be a bit. Due to the heat, the glue of the film becomes a little liquid and connects better with the substrate.

If you chose Flexfolie, you now need your heat transfer press. Position the foil in the middle of the engraved circles and warm them with the press.

Refine board game

Work here less with pressure but rather with the warmth. By too much pressure of the press, holes in the film arise through the unevenness of the slate. Just keep your press on the slide, after about ten seconds, you take it up and press the flex foil with your fingers on the slate.

Crafting with slate

Pull Carefully the transfer film And press the circle again well with your fingers.If the foil is not stuck enough, you repeat this process by putting the transfer film again and repressed.

Craft your own game figures for your board game

Craft game figures

What good is the most beautiful board game without game figures? That Colourful poplar wood from the Mr Beam Shop is just perfect for that! Download the game figures in your BeamOS work area and then let them, colour for colour, from your Mr Beam to cut.

Two bodies and a stand give a character. Wear on the back of a body a little wooden glue and press the second half, back on the back of each other. Now still small drops of wood inside into the corners, and already you can put together.

=== Product ===


=== Product ===


=== Product ===


=== Product ===

Felt glider tinker on your slate plate

Felt glider tinker

Your Board game is actually finished, however, I recommend you to laser for your slate plate. So you already have your table and also all other substrates on which the board game will stand. Create in your work area in BeamOS Quite simply a circle in the desired size and duplicate it four, or depending on the size of the slate also five times.

Refine board game

Your self-lasered felt glides will now adhere with the hot glue gun on the Back of your slate plate firm and you can play.

Have fun with the laser and do not forget your work with #madewithmrbeam to share!

Board game made of slate

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