DIY Windlicht

Hanging DIY lantern made of kraftplex

Now that autumn is getting dark earlier, you can see little lights in the windows or on the balconies and in the gardens more and more often.

A small indirect light source ensures comfort and literally brings some light into the darkness. That's why I'm going to show you in this tutorial how you can laser make a hanging DIY lantern out of Kraftplex.

Everything you need for your DIY lantern:

  • Kraftplex in thicknesses of 1mm and 0.5mm
  • Square wooden sticks
  • glue
  • spray paint
  • white tracing paper
  • Glue


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Your hanging DIY lantern from Mr Beam

For my lantern I used the file light shell autumn from Tante Plotta.

I converted the fold lines to cutting lines in order to be able to laser the Kraftplex lantern. So that the lantern can hang and is more stable, it gets a bottom and a lid with a hanging device.

You can find my lantern file in the design store. Here you can laser your desired motifs from the side parts and then let them shine as a hanging DIY lantern.

Motif lantern

Upload the file to your design library and from there to your workspace.

Depending on the desired size of your hanging DIY lantern, you should split the file.
You laser cut the side parts, the bottom and the lid from a 1mm thick Kraftplex.

The hanging device, on the other hand, has to be much more flexible but still tear-resistant.

The 0.5 mm thick Kraftplex is very suitable for this, and the leather-like colour gives your DIY lantern a small highlight.

Assemble your hanging DIY lantern

Glue lantern

First you need your side pieces, the square wooden sticks and your wood glue.

Apply the glue to one edge of the wooden stick and line it up with the edge of the side panel. Press the stick firmly and let it dry. If necessary, clamp pliers can support the drying process.

Tinker lantern

If your wooden sticks are not long enough for your side parts of your DIY lantern, saw suitable pieces from a wooden stick to achieve the required length.


The rods connect the side parts and provide additional stability for your DIY lantern. You also glue the floor firmly by applying glue to the corners with the wooden sticks and pressing it down firmly again. Make sure all the edges match up and nothing warps while the glue dries.

First you leave the lid off. This makes it easier to attach the tracing paper in the step after next.

Tinker lantern

When the basic structure of your hanging DIY lantern has dried, your Kraftplex lantern will get a little colour. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to design. I chose a beautiful matt anthracite for our lantern.

DIY lantern

Paint your hanging DIY lantern in the colour of your choice

If you can call anthracite “colour”, then now comes the part with the colour.

As always, look for an area protected from the wind and rain for painting.

Either outside or in an open garage.

If you don't have a paint booth, you can repurpose a discarded, large cardboard box into a paint booth. If you come into contact with the spray, wear disposable gloves and a mask to be on the safe side.

It is always important that you and your surroundings are protected.

Prepare your spray can according to the manufacturer's instructions. This usually means removing a transport protection and shaking the can vigorously for a few minutes.

A test on a piece of cardboard gives you a feel for the application of paint, and at the same time you can see directly whether you have shaken the can sufficiently.

Paint lantern

Now put your lantern in the box or your paint booth and paint evenly and thinly side by side with the recommended distance.

Let everything dry until touch-proof. Then you lift your lantern to paint the floor. Now turn your freshly painted lantern upside down to dry.

Place the still loose lid on an elevation, for example on the edge of an old glass, and paint it evenly.

Tracing paper - the windbreak for your hanging DIY lantern

The fastest way to cut your tracing paper is with scissors. But of course Mr Beam can also do this for you.

Paint lantern

Put your lantern on its side. You now need your glue.

You apply it mainly to the edges, but also to motifs and branches. Enough to tape the tracing paper down enough to withstand the wind, but just enough to keep it from curling. Now place the strip of transparent paper in your lantern and align it. Once the strip is aligned, press it into place.

Lantern tracing paper

Do this for all four sides. Then you let everything dry again.

The last thing to do is the lid.

Tip: Depending on the size of your hanging DIY lantern, it makes sense to also attach sticks to the edges for stabilization on the base and the lid.

Apply glue to the thin edges of the Kraftplex and to the faces of the squared timbers, and place the lid on top. Once you've lined up the lid, press it all over.

DIY lantern

This turns it into a hanging lantern

The last step is to attach the hanging device.

Insert the side tips of the "mushroom heads" through the slits in the lid and push them through. If you now take the hanging device in your hand and lift your lantern, it is ready.

Tinker lantern suspension

You can use candles or LEDs in any form as illuminants.

Of course, to be on the safe side, never leave them burning unattended, and I always recommend putting them in small jars. Otherwise, LED candles, solar lights or small chains of lights that also make a very nice light are also ideal.

Have fun imitating - and wish you a cosy autumn

your Rina

Hanging DIY lantern


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