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Cutting plastic is child's play with the Mr Beam. Arrange a free demo now!

The laser cutter for cutting plastic

With the Mr Beam laser cutter, we bring high-precision, tool-free cutting of many materials to your hobby workshop or company. Our device is the perfect addition to your equipment. Regardless of whether you do 3D printing, milling or work manually, with the laser cutter Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] or Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] you can take your skills to a whole new level.

Precision in plastic cutting

So far, cutting plastic has often been a challenge. With scissors and cutters, you always run the risk of breaking and cracking. A lot of chips are produced on a CNC machine and the result doesn't look pretty. With the Mr Beam you don't have these problems. The laser beam cuts through the material with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre. The contour is completely arbitrary. You can bring in radii, arcs or recesses as you like.

Kunststoff schneiden
Kunststoff schneiden

Safe plastic lasers

A laser capable of cutting plastic generates high energy. So that this power cannot become dangerous to you, we have installed a large number of safety devices in the laser cutter Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] and Mr Beam II dreamcut [x]. You will find the following features, among others, that make working with the device easier and safer:

  • Laser class 1
  • Cover made of special safety acrylic glass
  • Automatic switch-off when the lid is open
  • Extraction and filtering of resulting smoke
  • Low power consumption & quiet
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And many more advantages when cutting plastic!

The safety acrylic glass gives you a clear view of your product. You can watch the laser cutting plastic. However, the reflected laser point is absorbed by the orange cover so that it cannot harm you. The lid is equipped with a safety switch. If lifted while cutting plastic, the laser will turn off immediately. The housing is shockproof and hermetically sealed. Integrated filters reliably hold back the pollutants that are produced when cutting plastic. The Mr Beam laser cutters do not require a laser safety officer, as they belong to laser class 1.

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

Cutting plastic with plug and play

The Mr Beam is delivered ready to use. Everything about this device is designed to be as easy to use as possible. You don't need any separate software. The laser cutter obtains its information from a normal web browser. This means that the Mr Beam laser cutter can work with any operating system. As soon as you have connected it to your computer with a USB cable, you can get started.

Laser marking for plastics

The Mr Beam laser machine can do more than just cut plastic. You can use it to laser plastic however you want. Laser marking for plastics is also possible because the device can also engrave plastic. This opens up a wide range of possibilities:

  • labeling
  • textures
  • portraits
  • Warning and information signs
  • QR code
  • and much more!
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Great variety of applications when cutting plastic

Use the unlimited possibilities of Mr Beam Lasercutter to let your creativity run wild. With this device, you can significantly expand your existing skills. Plastic lasering is the ideal supplement for 3D printers. Give your models the finishing touches by enhancing them with an interesting laser marking for plastics. Add textures, fonts and graphics directly to the surface of your printouts. The possibilities are limitless.

Plastic engraving with knowledge and skill

We designed the Mr Beam laser cutter so that you can use it as intuitively as possible. But rest assured: engraving and cutting plastic is so much fun with this device that you'll quickly want to be able to do more. You will learn how to use our Mr Beam in the operating instructions and detailed video tutorials. We'll teach you step by step how to calibrate the device and how you can teach your creative ideas to the laser.

The Mr Beam is your little helper when cutting plastic!

Your projects are always the focus. The Mr Beam supports you in the best possible way to implement your creative ideas. It doesn't matter whether you want to cut or engrave plastic. Become part of our mission by purchasing a Mr Beam. We have a huge laser community that supports and helps each other. You can easily join our Facebook group. We are also very happy to receive feedback via email, Instagram or Facebook. This is the only way we can keep improving and help you with your ideas and projects. You help us a lot with your experiences and your opinion. #madewithmrbeam

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Mr Beam laser cutter for cutting plastic


Known from:

  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge.
    It's incredibly fun to work with.

    Natalia Fercho
  • Purchasing Mr Beam got me back into working with wood and is just what I was fortunately missing.

    Dagmar Rohweder
  • The delivery was quick and if you have any questions, you will get an answer within a very short time. We can only recommend Mr Beam and his team :-).

    Michael Mueller
  • I bought my Mr Beam 2 months ago and made a very personal dream of a small business possible. I'm excited!

    Ruta Völker

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