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Make wedding decorations with the Mr Beam

With our laser cutter you can easily make your own wedding decorations yourself. Arrange a demo appointment to have the Mr Beam explained to you.

Why should you make your own wedding decorations?

There are many different things to consider when planning a wedding. From the time, to the dream location, the ceremony to the food. - everything has to be planned. Another essential part of a successful wedding party is the right decoration. Especially with the wedding decoration, many problems can arise that you do not necessarily have in mind at first. Wedding decor budgets can often be limited, and creating a beautiful and appealing decoration can be difficult. In addition, the theme of the wedding decoration must be defined, and personal taste should come first. Since a wedding is a very intimate experience, the decoration should reflect the preferences and mood of the bride and groom. It is precisely at this point that problems often arise, for example because wedding planners do not understand the wishes and ideas of the bride and groom or the rented wedding decorations simply do not fit. That's why it can be an advantage, especially if you have a creative disposition, if you simply make the wedding decoration yourself.


DIY wedding decoration is super diverse

A wedding is an unforgettable day and a homemade decoration makes it even more special. There are many creative ways to create a DIY wedding decoration . Make table decorations such as napkin rings, cake toppers, place card holders or candlesticks from various materials such as paper or wood. Make garlands and bunting out of paper, fabric, or felt and hang them along the ceiling or on walls.

Limitless possibilities

Create your own floral arrangement using fresh or artificial flowers, or make photo booth props like hats, glasses, or moustaches out of paper or cardboard. Use homemade seating charts or creative guest books to make your wedding more personal. With homemade gifts in pretty packaging, you can give your guests a special keepsake. The possibilities are endless, and you can use your creativity to the fullest to create a wedding decoration that is unique and unforgettable.

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Table set yourself!

The table decoration of a wedding is an elementary element, as it contributes significantly to the overall picture of the celebration. The tables are often the focal point where guests gather during the celebration. An attractive table decoration creates a festive atmosphere and underlines the theme or style of the wedding. The design of the tables can be very different and should be based on the wishes of the bridal couple and the type of celebration. It doesn't matter whether you choose a simple or opulent table decoration - it is an important part of the wedding decoration and contributes significantly to the success of the celebration.

DIY wooden signpost

Are you celebrating your wedding in the garden and there are several different points of contact? Then these signposts are just right for your wedding as decoration. In our tutorial, we explain everything step by step! 🧡

Make your own wedding decorations with the Mr Beam

If you want to design your own wedding decorations, the Mr Beam laser cutter is a great way to implement your own ideas and mass produce them. With the laser cutter you can easily process many different materials such as plywood, acrylic, slate or felt and create your own wedding decoration. It doesn't matter whether you want to design personalized place cards, name tags or an individual seating arrangement, it's very easy with our little helper. By the way, you can also rent the Mr Beam from us especially for your wedding. - perfect for wedding preparation!

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

Rent Mr Beam? - No problem!

You just want to rent the Mr Beam for your wedding preparations? - That is absolutely no problem. The rental period is always from Thursday to Monday. This gives you enough time to craft your wedding decorations. You can easily select the calendar week directly in the product for rent. Then just add to the shopping cart and order. The Mr Beam will then be delivered to your home as express delivery. Incidentally, the rental is also a perfect highlight for your bridal party.


Give your wedding decoration a personal touch

Personalization of wedding decorations is a great way to make the celebration even more unique and memorable. Individual details such as the wedding date, the bride and groom's names or personal symbols can be incorporated into the decoration to add a personal touch. This is exactly where the Mr Beam laser cutter can support you with individual engravings. The personalization of wedding decorations shows that every wedding is unique and gives the celebration a distinctive character that guests will remember.

Mr Beam Community 🧡 - as versatile as the wedding decoration

The Mr Beam community is at the heart of what we do and what drives us, especially when it comes to wedding decor. We are proud that our laser cutter technology makes it possible to realize DIY projects, creating a unique and personalized wedding decoration. The enthusiasm and creativity of our community inspires us again and again to develop innovative solutions for our products and to meet the needs of our customers. We are convinced that the possibilities for creating wedding decorations with our Mr Beam laser cutter are almost endless and look forward to seeing your ideas and projects. Join our community and design the wedding of your dreams with Mr Beam!

Personalize your wedding decoration!

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  • The Mr Beam is really super easy to use, even without a lot of technical knowledge.
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