Make autumn decorations with the Mr Beam

With our laser cutter you can easily create your own DIY autumn decorations. Let yourself be inspired by our individual craft ideas.

Do-it-yourself autumn magic: creative decoration ideas for the golden season

Autumn is a season full of inspiring colours, a cosy atmosphere and creative possibilities. It is the time when nature shows its magnificent play of colours and invites us to decorate our living spaces with warm and welcoming decorations. This is exactly where we come in - on our landing page, everything revolves around the fascinating and fulfilling hobby of crafting autumn decorations. We will introduce you to various tutorials and show you how you can implement your own creations with the Mr Beam laser cutter. Expect inspiration, guidance, and the joy of creating!

Colorful foliage and creativity: making autumn decorations made easy

There are no limits to creativity when crafting autumn decorations. From natural finds such as colourful leaves, chestnuts and twigs to arts and crafts materials such as fabric, paper and paints - the selection is extensive and offers something for every taste. With our Mr Beam laser cutter, you can implement some autumn decoration creations. #madewithmrbeam 🧡

  • Door wreaths
  • Garlands of leaves
  • Engrave chestnuts
  • Decoration made of wood
  • Autumn window decoration
  • Halloween decoration ideas
  • and much more!

Make window decorations for autumn

Perfect for crafts with kids! - Let the little kites fly as a hanging autumn decoration and add the charm of autumn to your window. 🍂 Make it now!

Laser cutting meets autumn magic: Precise details for your unique decoration

Fascinating possibilities open up for crafting autumn decorations with the Mr Beam laser cutter, raising creative design to a new level. The real highlight is the precision and speed of the laser cutter. It effortlessly cuts intricate leaf patterns, creates artistic engravings of autumnal motifs, and puts the finishing touches on precise details. The range of customization options is almost unlimited - be it by adding personalized names, special messages or even lifelike images of leaves and pumpkins. With the laser cutter, complex designs and artistic decorations are implemented in the shortest possible time, which means that there are no limits to creativity. Another invaluable advantage of the laser cutter is its ability to be repeated. Once you've created a unique, stunning fall decoration, whether it's a window decoration or a hanging pumpkin, you can easily duplicate it to decorate your home or decorate your fall table. Experience the endless design possibilities of the Mr Beam laser cutter and give your autumn decorations a unique touch that will impress and inspire.

Effortlessly save time
Just laser at home
Usable out of the box

Engrave chestnuts with the Mr Beam

Are you looking for fall decorating ideas ? - Of course, chestnuts come to mind. In the tutorial we will show you how to engrave the super easy chestnuts. Make scatter decorations for autumn now!

Autumn decoration for the house entrance

Beautify your entrance with enchanting autumn decorations. Get ready to welcome fall by adding your own creative touch to your entryway. 🍂🍁 Your autumn journey starts now!

Mr Beam makes it possible!

From leaves to pumpkins: perfect autumn decorations with various materials

Laser acrylic

Acrylic is the perfect material for your Halloween decorations.

laser wood

With the Mr Beam you can cut and engrave wood wonderfully.

Laser felt

Felt is really perfect for lasering. Add it to your fall decorations, for example.

And many more!

With the Mr Beam it is possible to process even more materials, such as paper, foam, kraftplex and many more!

Drying leaves for the perfect fall decor

Autumn offers us an abundance of colorful leaves worth preserving for eternity. 🍃🍂 Discover the magic of drying leaves with a charming flower press and dive into a DIY adventure that captures the beauty of nature.

Make spooky Halloween window decorations

Autumn and Halloween decorations simply belong together. In this tutorial we will show you how to make your own spooky acrylic Halloween window decorations . 🎃👻 Find out more now!

Mr Beam Community - as diverse as the autumn decoration ideas

The focus and main driver of our efforts is the lively Mr Beam community. Her passion and dedication knows no bounds, especially when we adore the creative masterpieces under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam on Instagram. Our community shines in diversity as do the rich palette of fall colours. Be inspired by the creations of our members and breathe life into your own projects. We look forward to seeing your fall decorating results with the Mr Beam ! Become part of our Facebook group and exchange ideas with other members.

The Mr Beam realizes your ideas!

Make autumn decorations with a laser cutter


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