Mr Beam Laser Applications

Get an overview of our laser applications with the Mr Beam. We will be happy to show you the laser cutter in a free demo appointment!

Laser applications at a glance

Here you will get an overview of what options you have with a Mr Beam You have a laser cutter. Our laser cutter can process many different materials. Thus, it covers a lot of application possibilities and is an interesting tool for private or commercial use. Whether at home, at schools or at trade fairs. - Our Mr Beam supports you to implement your creative projects.

Laser aluminium
Name badges, plaques or other products made of anodised aluminium can be easily engraved with the Mr Beam!
Acryl lasern
Laser acrylic

Design, decorate, individualize - cutting acrylic glass with which Mr Beam it's very simple. Laser acrylic now!

Cutting Felt

Making crafts with felt is a pure joy with the Mr Beam Lasercutter! Engrave and cut felt as easily as never before!

Acrylglas schneiden
Laser plastic

Cut with the Mr Beam various plastics, such as foam rubber or foam. Inform yourself now about the laser application!

Metall gravieren
Engraving metal

On this page you will get an overview of metal engraving using the markSolid laser marking spray. Find out more now!

Engraving and cutting leather

Using the Mr Beam you can also laser leather. Here you can find out more about what you need to pay attention to when processing leather.

Engrave wood

Decorate and personalize with the Mr Beam laser cutter - engraving wood has never been so easy!

Textile finishing

Would you like to upcycle old textiles? Then cut and engrave textiles with the Mr Beam.

Model making tool

The Mr Beam laser cutter is your smart tool for model making. Build models now!

Architekturmodell erstellen
Build an architectural model

With the Mr Beam you can build very precise and detailed architectural models. This saves you a lot of time in your work as an architect!

DIY Hochzeitsdeko
DIY decoration ideas

On this page you get an overview of which DIY decoration ideas can be implemented with the Mr Beam!

Make Easter decorations

With the Mr Beam you can easily make your own Easter decorations. Find out more about the topic and get inspired!

Schilder gravieren
Engrave signs

You can design your own signs with our laser cutter. Learn more about engraving signs!

Make spring decorations

With the Mr Beam you can easily make your own spring decorations. Learn more about the topic!

Textilien schneiden und gravieren
Make sprinkles

Scatter decoration is versatile. With the Mr Beam you can make your own sprinkles extremely quickly.


Laser wood

The Mr Beam can cut and engrave a variety of different types of wood. Poplar plywood, for example, is particularly suitable for cutting. Bamboo is very suitable for engraving. Learn more about wood lasering.

Engraving stones

Engraving stones with the Mr Beam is very easy. Engravings on slate plates are particularly popular with our users. The possibilities for laser application are virtually limitless.

Naturstein gravieren

Making table decorations

Since the Mr Beam can process many different materials, you can let your creativity run wild and make your own table decoration. A really popular application of the laser among our users.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration is one of the most popular decoration themes in the world. Using the Mr Beam can you diverse projects for your decoration at Christmas.

Weihnachtsdeko basteln

Schools and Universities

Due to the versatility of the Mr Beam and the ease of use, it is the perfect laser for educational institutions. Using the Mr Beam e.g. Knowledge of digital manufacturing be mediated. Find out more here!

More laser applications

  • Plywood

    3-4 mm Ja

    The Mr Beam is particularly suitable for cutting and engraving plywood.

  • Solid wood

    3 mm Ja

    Cutting and engraving of solid wood is as Laser Application especially popular with our users.

  • Grey board

    1 mm Ja

    Grey board can be good engraving using the Mr Beam. Depending on the material, gray board can also be cut.

  • Carton

    5 mm Ja

    Especially architects prefer cardboard when building models. Therefore, cardboard is perfect for a laser application with the Mr Beam.

  • Mirror


    Using the Mr Beam, you can use the Engraving the back of a mirror and thus provide a personal touch.

  • Acrilyc

    3 mm Ja

    Depending on the color, acrylic can be engraved and cut (black/orange). Transparent/light/blue acrylic cannot be processed.

    Acryl schneiden
  • Foam

    20 mm Ja

    Due to the open-pore material structure, foam can be cut and engraved well, depending on the color.

  • Anodized Aluminum


    Dark aluminum is perfect for engraving.

  • Rubber stamps


    Using the Mr Beam Rubber stamp you can create your own stamp.

  • Fabric/Textile

    3 mm Ja

    Depending on the material, textiles can be engraved. Otherwise, the Mr Beam Precise cutting of textiles and fabrics.

  • Balsa wood

    5 mm Ja

    Balsa wood can be good engraving and cuttingsince it is a very soft wood.

  • Cork


    Cork can be combined with the Mr Beam very good engraving.

  • Metal


    The Mr Beam II dreamcut [South] can engrave metal with the markSolid laser marking spray. You can read everything in our knowledge base.

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    Solid wood
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    Grey board
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    Anodized Aluminum
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    Rubber stamps
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  • Checkmark for selected material.
    Balsa wood
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  • Checkmark for selected material. Metall gravieren

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