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Table decoration for spring with natural materials

The table decoration in the spring is always in the sign of natural materials. Because the scent of forest and meadow you with the Table decoration in spring with natural materials Holt in the apartment, the anticipation increases Easter And the now coming warm season. In addition to fine linen, porcelain and older ceramics, tulips, white peonies and a nest of branches, branches and moss are not missing for the Easter Brunch. Here are a few decoration ideas for your spring table!

Table decoration in spring with natural materials - get spring into the house and the apartment

Table decoration spring tulips

Natural materials are the perfect tool to make a table decoration in the spring self. The materials are mostly free, easy and often find in the outdoors. In addition, the crafting mill is spraying a harmonious and at the same time nostalgic grade. A little nature in your own four walls may not replace a forest walk, and no Easter eggs are looking for in the garden. The optical impressions such a table decoration in the spring However, ensure a somewhat more relaxed attitude. And the anticipation of the upcoming Easter brunch in the circles of the family is certain.

With the following ideas you can give you the rustic and at the same time Get romantic charm of nature on the table. Use the following inspirations to give you one Table decoration to make in the spring yourself. The ideas are simple and easy to implement. Most materials can be found at the next walk through the near natural landscape. Making a table decoration in the spring is always easier than expected! Have fun with creative and crafting!

Make simple table decoration in the spring yourself - best with these natural materials

Table decoration spring moss

To the Table decoration in spring with natural materials To enrich, are particularly materials such as branches, branches, stones, pieces of wood and moss and spring blowers:

  • The easiest way to create a pretty table decoration in spring are buds carrying branches that you can put in a vase and can rest with Easter Jewellery. You can take the Easter Jewellery from the previous year or tinker yourself.

  • Or you cut about three to four centimeters thick branches in slices and decorates them with Easter motifs or elegant lettering that matches them. The wooden slices are very nicely distributed at the table or lay on the Easter bed.

  • To a wreath for the To craft spring table decoration, Just collect thick sticks that you cut into equal pieces. Stick together and decorate the wreath with flowers and other matching elements. In the middle you can lay it out with moss and place the Easter eggs in it.

  • Very good about spring fit birds and owls. Cut wooden pieces into slices and glue them with buttons for the eyes. You can create the legs from plush wire. Hang the colours with coloured ribbons to the previously collected branches to let them "fly" proverb. A tutorial to the right Birdhouse we also have! :)

Table decoration spring flowers

  • For the table decoration in the spring, no-flowers may not be missing. Just last these, if you Hyacinth or other spring blows planted into a pretty container. You can cover the earth with moss and tie the container to different branches with wire. Such a flower ensemble leaves guaranteed impression and a lot of joy while looking at.

Great natural materials for the demanding table decoration in spring

Table decoration for spring

the Table decoration in spring with natural materials can also be designed at a very professional level - with our laser cutter, like that Mr Beam II dreamcut [S]. For this contactless method are particularly materials such as leather, Paper, plywood, Moss rubber and fabric.

For the wood you can, for example, up to four millimeters thick Poplar wood use to be pretty Easter bunny, birds and others Cut out Easter motifs. Balsaholz is also suitable for machining with the laser cutter, Kraftplex and birch. If you want to use leather for the table decoration in spring, you can also use the laser cut to cut it. Natural leather can thus be cut to a thickness of a millimeter. There are still paper and carton as well as finn cardboard, from which numerous Beautiful elements for the table decoration in spring design.

By the way: The laser cut is also great for engraving of natural materials, how cork, Bamboo, different woods, cardboard and cardboard as well as different stones, like pebbles and slate. With an engraving, for example, you can make pretty table cards made of stones.

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Table decoration in spring - think about the next forest walk

Spring decoration for the table

There are indeed no limits to spring table decorations with natural materials. You can find most of the materials free of charge in the forest and on the meadow. Simply collect a mix of branches, twigs, moss, pieces of bark, large leaves and flowers such as daisies and the like to enrich your spring table decoration with lots of nature.

In no time at all, you can create an adorable Easter tree in a vase and turn the table setting into a unique place for the coming Easter brunch with pieces from nature. We have also compiled some tips on how to paint eggs for you in an article.

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