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Artikelnummer: 910-00169

Perfect for all new [x] users - our Mr Beam Welcome Bo[x]

This Bo[x] has it all and is suitable for all Mr Beam users who have purchased the Mr Beam [x] or the upgrade laser head [x]. With this Welcome Bo[x] you have everything you need to get started.


1x "Your Konstantin" craft box

The craft box contains:
16 different coloured 3mm poplar plywood panels
1x poplar plywood 4mm natural
1x poplar plywood 3mm natural
1x birch plywood 3mm natural
1x beech plywood 4mm natural

The dimensions of the panels are approx. 245mmx200mm - perfect for small handicraft projects and individual creations

1x Mr Beam Cutting Sti[x], 6 pack

The Sti[x] are perfect for cutting wood. Due to the height of 10mm, there is enough air under the material so that the wood can be cut without traces of smoke. The Sti[x] can be placed anywhere in the build space.

1x Mr Beam Magnet Clips, 6 pack

The magnets are ideal for materials that are not 100% straight or are soft, such as felt. Fastening allows materials to be smoothed out. Please note that you choose the settings to cut in one pass or to do the inner cuts first. This will prevent the material from falling onto the floor surface prematurely.

1x Mr Beam acrylic, DIN A3, white

Finally, white is no longer an impossibility! With the new laser head, you can now also cut white acrylic. You can find the appropriate settings in the software - please note that you adjust the parameters for delicate designs (e.g. increase a pass).

1x markSolid Spray 100ml

A real classic and now much faster thanks to the new head! You can spray stainless steel with the popular markSolid spray and, after a short wait, process it with the laser. The laser energy reacts with the spray and conjures up a wonderful, black enamel layer on the material. Really classy and quickly made.

We wish you lots of fun lasering and look forward to seeing your #madewithmrbeam creations on Instagram!

You save 12.90 euros compared to the individual purchase!

laser head compatible:
laser head compatible: