Mr Beam Height Extension & Cutting Frame


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Artikelnummer: 920-00067

Mr Beam Height Extension

The Mr Beam Height Extension now allows you to engrave higher objects with your Mr Beam. Instead of the usual object height of 38 mm, you can now engrave objects with a height of 68 mm with the deeper base. Thanks to the Mr Beam Cutting Frame, you don't have to rebuild the floor as soon as you want to laser "used" objects up to 38 mm again. The frame is 30 mm high and converts the height extension into the regular Mr Beam in no time at all. The Cutting Frame is easy to clean and catches bits of material, so cleaning is even faster than the grid floor.

more height, more opportunities, more creativity

This opens up a multitude of new possibilities for you. Larger wooden boxes, bags, soap dispensers or large stones, for example, can now be engraved without any problems. As always, there are no limits to your creativity.

Which Mr Beam devices can be expanded?

All Mr Beam II, Mr Beam II dreamcut and of course [S] and [x] devices. - an extension for all Mr Beam users! And: you can use your Cutting Sti[x] to extend your frame (perfect for delicate cuts).

Scope of delivery

  • Mr Beam Height Extension
  • a Mr Beam Cutting Frame with 9 Sti[x]
  • Mr Beam focus tool
  • a small screwdriver
  • 14 screws

Note: Neither the base nor the cutting frame are magnetic. If you work with magnets to fasten the materials, you must take this into account during installation and, for example, attach one or smaller iron plates so that you can continue to use magnets.

video clip: Mr Beam Height Extension & Cutting Frame

1.4 kg (without cutting frame)