Ballistol resin solvers

Ballistol resin solvers


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Artikelnummer: 920-00017
The resin solder of Ballistol releases and removes resin of surfaces effortlessly and residue-free.

Ballistol resin solvers, actually developed especially for woodworking machines and industrial care, is the ideal helper for damaged areas of MR Beam. Spray briefly and the resin can be easily removed and residue-free. The resin solder is extremely productive and easy to use.
The resin solder is designed to foam when spraying therefore can not drop.

The resin solder is suitable for cleaning the grid bottom of the MR Beam. You can also find a cleanigration instructions for our cooperation partner "Your Constantine".

Important: Please do not treat the bare aluminum components (eg axis) in the MR Beam with the resin solder. These develop stains immediately.

Application of resin solvers:
Spray the surface evenly with resin solvers and let him act for a few minutes. For heavy soiling, spray the resin solvers again. Then you can use the dissolved attenuation e.g. Wipe off with a paper towel. When using the resin solder, it is recommended to wear protective gloves.

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