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What is acrylic? Mr Beam explains!

With our MR Beam laser cutter you can cut many different plastics. Even with acrylic in dark tones, reddish or black color the laser cutter is effortlessly finished. But What is acrylic And how can it be made when making, set up and use in craft? Mr Beam explains it in Materialguide! 

Acrylic - a particularly convertible plastic

Hardly a plastic is represented in so many areas of daily life as acrylic. You know him on the one hand Part of liquid colors for painting and seal, on the other hand as a fiber that solidifies structures. Acrylic glass, also known as Plexiglas, is stable enough to be installed in buildings and acrylic resin can be used excellently as a sealant. Acrylic is everywhere around us And adapts from the addition of different chemicals temperatures and aggregate states.

Acrylic paintings

If we talk to MR Beam of cutting acrylic, then we mean solid acrylic plates. You can get up to a thickness of up to 3mm in several passes with the Laser cutter divided or provided with a engraving. The design options are practically endless. The substance owes the substance in its solid form, above all, the stability that makes him an ideal basic material for plastic cases, keychains, name tags, pen tiles, documents and much more.

What is acrylic and what is it?

Soft Acrylic is actually an acid in its original conditioncalled so-called acrylic acid, also propensalic acid or vinylcarboxylic acid. It is one of the carboxylic acids including citric acid, nicotinic acid, acetic acid and others. Acrylic acid exudes a typical piercing acidic smell, is colorless and flammable. By polymerization, the molecules of the liquid can be solidified and used in different scenarios. As a superabsorboy, for example, they become an important component of panties and diapers and take multiple of their own mass in liquids. 

Plexiglas and others However, acrylic disks consist of MMA, polymerizers methacrylic acid methyl esters and PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate. These fabrics smell in their basic form rather after concentrated fruit flavor, solidifies plastically solidifies the smell as far as possible. What remains of this is the typical smell when you take cheap plastic children's toys for the first time out of the pack.

The question "What is acrylic?" So can be answered in many ways. Under Acryl we understand all plastics containing polymer of acrylates.

Already knew?

The term "Plexiglas" designated No specific art glass, but is actually a product name of the company Röhm and protected as a registered trademark. Founder and chemist Otto Röhm had been dealing with the polymerization of acids since its dissertation in 1901 and could protect the development of 1933 trademark law. A slice of other manufacturers produced in the similar method can therefore be advertised as acrylic glass, but never as a Plexiglas.

In these products is acrylic

When an object looks like glass, feels like plastic and relatively fractured, it is usually acrylic plastic. Vases, drinking glasses, cans, storage containers, desk accessories, paper trays, sanitary components, biscuit shapes and even pieces of furniture exist Part of acrylic plastic. The material has several significant advantages. It is very cheap to produce a lot and if it breaks up, the shards are not as dangerous as in glass. 

Although there is, for example, even-cutlery of acrylic, but when a normal disk Acrylic glass or acrylic plastic breaks, usually no sharp edges and tips. This is important everywhere where children and pets come into play. A toy or drinking glass made of acrylic is a great way to learn to deal with fragile things without feeling the consequences of glass breakage.

Acrylic will also be in the DIY and craft area used. Our MR Beam laser cutter makes use even easier, because he Can acrylic up to 3 mm diameter reliable Laser cutting. Unfortunately, this process is not suitable for transparent and bright acrylic surfaces. The laser does not recognize no surface here or is reflected. The design options for dark, reddish and black acrylic are unlimited. For example, you can cut and engrave individual keychains in shape, Sign and cut out of acrylic plastic molding or even create jewelery.

Design and craft with acrylic

The most important feature of acrylic glass and flat components made of acrylic is the high stability. This is especially evident in blocks, such as those used for 3D engravings or trophies. The material can also be due to little heat, already a commercial lighter is sufficient theoretically, deforming and merging. An object can therefore be composed of several different acrylic components and still remains stable. the Optical similarity with glass makes acrylic glass In addition, a suitable material for everything that looks nice, but should not go fracture when tipping. With our laser cut, we have e.g. This Spider web decoration for Halloween Lased.

Acrylic decoration

Signs made of acrylic

Whether house numbers, company signs or indoor decoration, Thin acrylic discs can be perfectly curtailed as signs, Cut out with the MR Beam Laser or decorate with engravings. You will receive a particularly strong 3D effect if you attach thinner elements made of acrylic glass on a shield and leaves a gap of a few millimeters between underground and cutout.

Sign material acrylic

Placks, pendants and plastic pins

You want to make key chains, tags, pins or plaques for a customer or your own collection? Although acrylic glass is less resistant than, for example, sheet metal or plywood, Weathered thundered but also slower. Up to 3 mm thick, you can cut all smaller objects in multiple passages with the MR beam laser. Thicker plates can be provided with engravings and then cut out or punched out with suitable tool.

Jewelry and deco made of acrylic

Acrylic glass acts by its smooth processing like glass. This makes it an ideal material for fashion jewelery and accessories that should be unbreakable. Since acrylic plates can be connected well by heat, 3D objects can also be created by applying multiple layers in different colors and shapes. Individual wall designs made of acrylic glass look especially nice when the box of plastic, the dark plate with inscription or the artful lettering be illuminated from behind with a cool lamp.

Acrylic dinosaur

Templates made of acrylic glass

A Our favorite applications for acrylic disks In dark and reddish tones, the use is as template. Our Mr Beam Laser precisely cuts the specified patterns, shapes and letters. Everything that is still needed to use the template are wall colors, spray colors or pens and even the decoration can be brought to the wall or on the paper. For example, you create templates for child-friendly motifs, geometric shapes, sprayer tags or company logos.

Order acrylic plates at MR Beam

With our MR Beam Blank From different materials we offer you high-quality basic materials for individual design, which are guaranteed compatible with our lasers. Acrylic is the difficulty in the fact that the Material should not be transparentto be recognized correctly and cut correctly. Discover ours Signs and acrylic plates In dark shades, gold, silver and copper that can be cut both cut and engraved.

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You have further questions about the work with and use of acrylic Or do you want to know if your material is suitable for editing with the MR Beam Laser? Then take uncomplicated contact with our Support on. We like to advise you!

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