Tipps zur Mitarbeiterbindung - Wie Rituale im Büro das Arbeitsklima verbessern

Tips for employee retention - How rituals in the office improve the working atmosphere

Have you ever wondered what the perfect company would look like? What requirements do it have to meet so that you would work there immediately?

We once thought about it and found out that for us appreciative handling, teamwork and identification with the company are indispensable and supporting columns of our working life.

Why it is so important for companies that To improve working atmosphere And to pay attention to employee loyalty and what exactly rituals have to do with it, we will show you here in our Mr Beam Blog.

Working climate

What does working atmosphere mean?

You don't have yourself so often with that Term working atmosphere busy, there is often the assumption that it is only a pleasant working atmosphere. However, as the work and organizational psychology shows us, it has long been about much more:

The term climate originally comes from the weather science, where it represents the usual weather for a certain place over a certain period of time. This can also be transferred to the field of work. The focus here is on Quality of cooperationthat is typical for the company and prevails over a longer period of time. It is particularly important how this quality is perceived and evaluated by the employees.

That Working atmosphere/ working atmosphere, or in the technical term organization climate, not only is influenced by social factors, but also includes structural features of the company.

Here you will find one List of factors that form the working atmosphere together:  

  • The general organization of a company
  • The future perspective of the company
  • Hierarchies and leadership structures
  • The equipment of the workplace
  • The remuneration and social benefits
  • The type of communication and information exchange
  • The lived and internalized values ​​as well as the corporate philosophy
  • Cooperation of the teams
  • The inclusion of employees into important processes
  • Security and trust
  • Development and development opportunities
  • Innovation options and autonomy in your own activity

Why is a good working atmosphere important?

Employee loyalty events

At first glance, the effort to improve the working atmosphere does not seem to be relevant to the product or service that your company sells. But exactly such means of corporate culture make the difference. Companies with a good working atmosphere are more successful. They not only promote a harmonious social cooperation, but also increase their competitiveness, promote the productivity of employees and create a positive external impact on the customers.

For example, imagine that you want to go out to eat and have two restaurants to choose from. The one serves fine food dishes, but has a very unfriendly service. In the second restaurant you get a solid kitchen and find yourself in a real feel -good atmosphere. So does your decision only fall after the food offer?

According to surveys, a Good working atmosphere among the top 3 of the most important job criteria - In addition to payment and self -fulfillment in terms of content.

These advantages arise when that Working atmosphere improved will:

  • A lower fluctuation rate
  • More satisfaction
  • Promotion of intrinsic motivation
  • Promotion of the Performance and productivity
  • Promotion of the creativity
  • Promotion of engagement
  • Better work results
  • Employees can better identify with the company
  • Promotion of the Competitiveness of the company on the market

Well, now we know that it is not just about bringing great products and services onto the market, but is worth it, too to improve your own working atmosphere - but how?

How can the working atmosphere be improved?

Both employers and employees have an impact and can improve the working atmosphere. True to the motto "The working atmosphere is the only climate that you can determine yourself". Since we have learned above that the working atmosphere consists of very different influencing factors, we only focus on a few selected improvement options:

Communication & appreciation

The sound makes music and so it is in communication. Not only the content of the said is important, but also how the messages are conveyed.

  • The leadership style: Do you meet your employees at eye level? There are many different leadership styles that are more suitable depending on the personality. Some need clear guidelines, others rather coaching support. No matter what leadership style you are pursuing, appreciative and respectful treatment of your employees is most important.
  • Feedback: In addition to constructive criticism, one should not forget to incorporate praise and recognition. Every employee has positive properties that can be emphasized!
  • Transparency: Share information in good time and openly to everyone involved, for example, you can avoid misunderstandings. But even if you are dissatisfied with something, seek a direct conversation with the people concerned. You can see how you can best address uncomfortable things in the tip box below.

Planning team building measures sensibly

With the work colleague you often spend more time than with your own family. Therefore it is important to know your employees and in his Professional environment to feel comfortable. You can achieve this, for example:

  • Regular team events
  • Formulating a clear corporate culture and values ​​with which everyone can identify
  • The binding of your employees to your company
  • common rituals

In order not only to throw us with abstract terms, we will provide you with the Employee loans and rituals even more precisely below.

Improving working atmosphere: Communication - Positive reorganization

With the method of positive formulation, you can tell unpleasant topics or criticism to your counterpart and improve the working atmosphere.

Tip 1) change from du to first-hand formulations

What is the difference to hear for you: "You did it wrong.", Or "I would like a different approach next time."

Tip 2) Avoid generalizations

Try to avoid words like "always" or "never". It may be that colleagues do things frequently, but always or never is unrealistic.

“You always let your coffee pot Stand around. "🡪" I noticed that your coffee cup often stops. "

You can write down different sentences that are often in Feedback talks Fall, or sentences that trigger a uncomfortable feeling in you. Attempts to revert these sentences. With a bit of practice, you can quickly internalize such small changes.

There will be more input on the subject of “appreciative communication” soon on our Mr Beam Blog.

Employee loyalty 

What is employee loyalty?

Employee retention means exactly what the words mean - One ties the employees to the company

You are tied to your company when you ...

  • whose values ​​and norms feel good and have internalized them so that they are reflected in your actions
  • Feel free to exhaust you to achieve good results
  • Do not feel the desire to change the employer
  • you can identify with your tasks
  • are convinced that it is right to stay true to the company

You can between 4 different types of employee loyaltywhich can be assigned to different binding measures:

Different bonds employees

Why is employee loyalty important?

Employee loyalty is a win-win situation for employers. For the employees, the best possible framework conditions are created at the structural and social level, which in turn gains it in productivity and motivation and thus contribute to the company's business success.


the Employee retention can therefore not only improve the working atmosphere And thus promote all of its advantages, it also contributes positively to the following work areas:


  • competitiveness: Good staff does not switch to the competition with his know -how
  • Recruiting: You save time & personnel costs (severance pay, job advertisements, selection processes, familiarization)
  • Employer branding: New potential employees are encouraged to come to the company when you see that the colleagues have been there for a long time.
  • health: Motivated and satisfied employees are less likely sick

How do I improve employee loyalty?

There are many options that Strengthen employee loyalty. It is important that the respective measures fit the team.

  • Appropriately furnished workplace with ergonomic & technical standards
  • Team events & excursions together
  • Home Office options
  • Flexible working hours
  • Regular feedback
  • Measures for health: nutrition days, company sports events, sabbaticals, avoid overtime, work-life balance
  • A clear corporate culture & values
  • A fair remuneration and bonuses, e.g. Christmas bonus
  • Establish rituals for the team

Rituals at the workplace

Rituals are an integral part of almost all cultures and traditions. In science, they are even seen as a basic need and part of human evolution. Rituals fulfill different functions at individual and group level. This is how they create for the Individual a sense of belonging to a group, an identity and meaningfulness. For a company, it can serve to exchange regular information, time structuring and to impart company values.

Tips for work -related rituals:

Christmas parties, birthday breakfast, farewell celebrations, lunch together, coffee breaks, welcome forms, afterwork beer, company outings, walks during lunch break or workings.

Fun Fact
Did you know that ritual, common food increases enjoyment? This is because community rituals activate our emotional sensations.

We too at Mr Beam Are fans of rituals And of the opinion that festivals have to be celebrated. After 2 years of pandemic and new employees, which were previously only known through the screen, we found the time to get to know our team properly and to weld together.

Our first measure was one DIY birthday calendar #madewithmrbeam. Everyone has lasered their favorite emoji with name and date of birth and hung on a clearly visible pin board. So we all know when we come in to the office, whether there will be delicious cakes today. The choice of emojis alone has told us hidden hobbies and initiated many exciting conversations.

Rituals at the workplace

And since we have a Startup in the heart of Munich are, of course, we could not miss a trip to the spring festival. With our personalized Glupperln it went On foot on the Theresienwiese and off to the marquee. Switching the setting has a big impact and we got to know each other even better. Who would have thought that one of our engineers is also organic pig breeders ...

Spring festival with Mr Beam Ritual at the workplace

The article from our Business advisor to like? There are many other interesting topics in our blog. We explain to you, for example, how you can open an Etsy Shop or give you Tips for price calculation. If you like our rituals and team events, you can also become part of our team. We currently have a few places to fill and look forward to every application. To the open spots.


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