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World Women's Day - What does the Red Carnation mean? Mr Beam Tutorial Special

rote Nelke Weltfrauentag

World Women's Day has many names. "(International) Women's Day" or "Women's Way".

When will the World Women's Day celebrate?

No matter how you call it, the World Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. The German women's rights activist Clara Zetkin initiated World Women's Day. She was not just about equal rights, but about the choice of women. Because of the early 20th century, women were allowed to choose in virtually no country in the world.

On March 19, 1911 the First World Women's Day in Germany, Denmark, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland celebrated. In the next ten years, there was no fixed date due to various circumstances until the World Women's Day was laid as an international remembrance day on March 8, from the International Conference of Communist Women's International Women's 1921, in Moscow. This happened in honor of the women of the February Revolution, where the poor residents, workers, wives of soldiers and farmers of St. Petersburg went to the street together.

After the World Women's Day was banned again in 1933 by the National Socialist regime, he was forgotten. Only in the late 1960s was the Women's Day by the women's movement back in the focus.

So far, this day is predominantly a remembrance day, but there are already countries where World Women's Day Even a public holiday is. For example, in Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uganda. In the People's Republic of China, Madagascar and Nepal, this holiday is only valid for women. Since 2019, World Women's Day in Germany in the state Berlin, a public holiday. 2023 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern also wants to follow.

Why the red carnation as a symbol of the World Women's Day?

World Women's Day Red Nelke

At the first International World Women's Day 1911, women with red cloves in the lapse went to the street to demonstrate with her as a symbol of their right to vote.

The Red carnation as a symbol of The equality and their association with socialism, whose political ideology fit well with the demands of women together.

Nowadays, the red carnation will still like to give away from the world women's day of men to their women, girlfriends or colleagues. As a symbol of gratitude and appreciation.

A special DIY gift with red carnations - the symbol of the World Women's Day

You have no opportunity to buy more cars? Then laser Just which!

With the Mr Beam Is not a problem. That makes your gift about something very special and keeps forever.

What do you need for that?

The tax jungle does not stop in front of a Christmas tree. Pendant, where and what a Christmas tree you buy, different tax rates will fall.

  • Kraftplex
  • moss
  • Glass bell with wooden base
  • LED fairy lights with 10 - 20 lamps, depending on the size of the glass bell
  • Spray paint
  • acrylic pencils
  • Poplar wood
  • Wooden glue or glue
  • Optional wire and a hot glue gun

So filigree elements require Kraftplex

The file for the carnations is bought. Due to the, from the height of the glass bell, the size of the carnations, you use Kraftplex. Wood would simply break.

World Women's Day Symbol

Kraftplex is ideal for this. Super stable, somewhat flexible and even very filigree things laser the Mr Beam Laser machine Just off. When crafting, painting, etc., nothing breaks. Download the file to your design library, select your material and let you Mr Beam cut.

The symbol of the World Women's Day are red carnations. So yours, snacks cut from Kraftplex is still a little color.


Should you with the laser with the Mr Beam paint or paint, then look at the Support page of Mr Beam according to which materials can be lasered.

WORLD Women's Day icon craft

In the first step, stimulate the flowers and paint the stems green, and in the second step, you turn off the stems and paint the flowers. The color depends on something under the crepe tape, Due to the structure of the Kraftplex. This effect looks even good as there are no clear, smooth color edges.

Tips for painting

The tax jungle does not stop in front of a Christmas tree. Pendant, where and what a Christmas tree you buy, different tax rates will fall.

  • Be sure to prepare for the sense of the sense of instructions, otherwise it can lead to unsightly results when painting.
  • Always paint on a pad.
  • Crepe tape after spraying removing quickly, otherwise it may happen that you remove paint from the Kraftplex.
  • Leave well, before you cancel again.

You paint the sliced, filigree contours of the flowers with acrylic pencils.To emphasize the 3D effect, select brighter or darker shades.

When everything is well dried - I recommend overnight - Glue the contours on the flowers. Wood glue is also suitable for Kraftplex, and many of them dry transparent. Recommended for such filigree parts. But of course you can also use any other glue. It is recommended to drop on a piece of paper or similar, some glue.

World Women's Day Symbol

Hold the flower contours with a tweezer and pick up some glue with it. Position them on the flower and press them tight.

Assembly of the Deco for World Women's Day

Cutting or bumbling you A matching piece of moss for the wooden base of the glass bell. Larger moss pieces can be great with a sharp knife or scalpel. Start your carnations just arranged for your wishes in the moss.

World Women's Day Deco

Alternatively, you measure the diameter of the base and leaves the Mr Beam a smaller circle Kraftplex cut on, on which your red cloves glue. You can also stick the cloves directly on the wooden base, but the gifts can not use the glass bell later no longer otherwise to decorate.

The Embassy as a gift tag

What fits better than Poplar wood With a nice "thank you" engraving. The file I have from www.mamassachen.de.

So that Mr Beam Laser engraving machine The heart and the text engraved differently, I have the heart in my graphics program colored light blue And the "thank you" in black.

Thanks to the World Women's Day

Spot! - put the red carnations in scene

Now you set your red carnations - that World Women's Day Symbol - Still neatly in scene: with a small LED fairy light chain. Bend the wire of the fairy lights approximately like a spiral that fits under the glass bell, and put it over your carnations.

DIY Deko World Women's Day

Glass bell over, light on: Wow! Whether at daylight or at night - it's so nice! Almost too bad as a present, or?

World Women's Day Symbol as DIY Deco

And who are you doing to World Women's Day So a pleasure? If you have the idea with the Mr Beam want to renew, if you do not forget your result #madewithmrbeam to share on the well-known social media channels. We look forward to every creation!

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