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DIY craft trends 2024 - What's popular?

The year 2024 has just begun, and the question arises as to which DIY trends will be particularly important this year. Looking at this year's decoration trends, we can deduce one or two trends in the area of ​​handcraft and DIY. We have summarized the most important craft trends of the current year for you here.

Craft trends for adults in 2024

Of course, you still have to divide the different trends into adults and children. Both target groups have different interests and, above all, different tools. First, let's have a look at the DIY trends for adults.

Building terrariums - plant diversity in your own home

Craft trend 2024

The trend towards more plant diversity in your own four walls was already apparent last year. This year, this trend will be expanded even further. Small and large terrariums made from a wide variety of glass vessels are not only trendy, but can also be made yourself with relatively little effort. The beautiful and easy-to-plant containers can also be easily placed in different parts of the flat and provide variety and style in the different rooms.

Embroidery, sewing and more: create your own wall decorations

Embroidery and sewing as a craft trend

Textile wall decorations are very trendy and can make rooms much more lively. However, you don't have to buy this wall decoration; you can also design it yourself. You have a wide variety of tools to choose from. Depending on which type of handicraft you prefer, you can knit, sew or embroider wall hangings and thus provide more variety on your walls. The craft trends show that earthy colours are particularly popular, but plants and other motifs are also extremely popular.

Upcycling woodwork: the emperor's new furniture

Wood upcycling

Upcycling is still trendy in 2024. Classics are of course upcycled milk cartons. However, refurbishing old pieces of furniture is still much more popular than the craft trend. Because you not only save money when buying new furniture, but you can also furnish it the way you like. Upcycling is one of the DIY trends that requires a little more skill and toolsBecause furniture is not only beautified with colour, but often also functionally expanded. However, you can make enormously beautiful changes to your own interior design for little money. Anyone who likes to work by hand will definitely be well served by this trend.

Colourful creations: acrylic panels and laser cutters in focus

Acrylic craft trend 2024

A new trend will conquer the craft scene in 2024: crafting with acrylic panels, which will achieve unimagined creative heights thanks to the precision of laser cutters. Particularly in the spotlight are the enchanting pastel-coloured acrylic panels, which are becoming sought-after craft materials. Combining these versatile panels with our Mr Beam laser cutter opens up endless possibilities for individual design. From delicate jewellery to elaborate home decorations. The laser cutter's precise cuts allow hobbyists to turn their creative visions into impressive reality. Discover the magic of acrylic in soft pastel tones and let this emerging trend inspire you to create your own colourful creations. So-called multilayer are particularly popular.

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Craft trends for children in 2024

Not only adults have fun with the current craft trends, but parents and their children can also actively contribute to decorating their own home. In keeping with current trends, natural materials play an important role here too. Let's have a look at which craft trends you can also use with your child.

Pottery with children is becoming fashionable again

Pottery with children

Decorations made by children are beautiful and often associated with many memories. In keeping with the current trends in decoration, the DIY trends for children also follow the maxim of using natural raw materials. For this reason, pottery for children is clearly in vogue again. Most people now rely on air-drying clay, which does not require a special kiln to become solid and hard. Whether vases, bowls or the well-known smoker, the different options and motifs are diverse. If you want, you can paint or even glaze the finished works together with the child. Here children can fully express their creativity and parents also get their money's worth. Above all, clay is relatively inexpensive to purchase, which makes this trend available to everyone.

Weave carpets on a small scale

Weaving carpets is also one of the craft trends of the current year. Of course, no one can or wants to ask a child to weave an entire carpet themselves. But smaller carpets can be made with little effort. These can, for example, serve as coasters on tables and also make the interior more colourful. Small looms can be built yourself with little effort and are therefore very easy to use. By using different natural colours, small works of art can be created that are particularly characterized by sustainability. Among the DIY trends of 2024, weaving carpets is definitely one of the most beautiful trends. Because children also learn a craft here that is almost extinct today.

Felting in natural colours

Felting craft trend

Since craft trends primarily celebrate natural materials, felting is also on the program for children. Wet felting is particularly popular here, as you don't need any special tools or have to work particularly delicately. Only warm water, soap and felting wool are needed to create the different shapes and figures. However, children usually need a little help from adults here, as felting requires stamina and some strength. However, if you felt the various figures together with your child and then used them to decorate your own home, you not only create beautiful decorative elements, but also memories of the time spent together. - Crafting with felt, connecting.

Conclusion on the craft trends for 2024

Craft trend 2024

The DIY trends offer enormous potential to beautify your own home. If you look at the craft trends for 2024, you will certainly quickly notice that most of these DIY trends are about creating beautiful decorative elements for your own home or furnishing your home more beautifully. But even apart from that, you can use many of the products of your productivity to make other people happy. Many of the products from the craft trends are also ideal as personalized gifts for a variety of occasions.

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