What is cork? Mr Beam explains!

With the natural material cork you have come into contact even more often than you like it: the cork in champagne or wine bottles is traditionally made of this material, even if more and more plastic is currently being used. This has reasons in relation to the cost and Pricing And on the other hand, the cork can affect the taste. Maybe you have a good old pin board with photos and notes at home in the kitchen: Also, this is usually from a resistant cork.

Laser cutter and cork? A strong combination!

This counselor Will show you that you can not only pop the corks with this natural material. Thanks to its advantageous properties, Cork can be processed creatively to many products. With our Mr Beam Laser Cutter Can you engrave this material and let your creativity run wild. But first things first. First, we want to take a closer look at the origin and sustainability aspects.

What is cork or what does he exist?

These are renewable material, the from the bark of the cork oak is recovered. Carried together, cork is equated with the bark of the cork oak. If you want to know more exactly, it is the outermost tissue layer of the so-called perideerm. Corkeys are peeled at regular intervals to win this valuable material. To the question, 'What is cork?' Compliant to answer, it should be noted that it is not wood is, but only one component of the tree bark.

Tree bark cork oak

Where does Cork come from?

Corkeys grow Especially in the Mediterranean in Southern Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Algeria. The mild climate there offers ideal conditions for these trees. The countries mentioned cover around 90% of worldwide cork production. Cork areas belong to the family of the book. Compared to other trees, the bark of the cork oak is very thick, so that when peeling with a rich yield is to be expected.

Interesting facts for cork production

Every year worldwide about 300,000 tons of cork produced. The harvest is only possible if a cork oak is at least 25 years old. When harvesting, the bark is peeled from the trunk and then cooked. After all, it rests for you depending on the purpose. As a result, the material reaches its high density and elasticity. Now it takes about 10 years again until the cork oak can be peeled again. Corkeys can reach a pride age of up to 200 years. Above all, the time intervals illustrate that it is a valuable natural material. The entire crop process is very expensive in time. Each cork oak can take up to a ton of the valuable material 'donations' during your life.

Cork oak

What qualities has cork?

Who held a cork or cork plates already in hand, will the lightness of the material immediately noticed. This ease explains with the special cell structure: Each cubic centimeter contains up to 42 million cells. A special feature is to be seen in that cork tissues consists of just under 90% gaseous fabrics. This explains both the low density and the lightweight weight.

Cork offers through its great elasticity An enormous flexibility. The material can be compressed during processing. Through the high subering content, cork is impermeable to fluids and gases. This qualifies this natural material for a variety of applications, as we will still see below.

Even if it does not sound first, the poor conductivity is to be seen as a great advantage. Cork is among the natural substances one of the best insulating materials, In terms of acoustic, thermal and vibration.

Of great importance is the property that this natural material is highly resistant to wear, especially with regard to friction. It seems fire-resistant and does not absorb any dust, which is a tremendous health benefit for allergy sufferers. Not by chance are cork floors always deliberately moved often.

Cork is environmentally friendly?

Yes, if the takes place under sustainable harvest and resource-saving point of view. The big advantage is the fact that, unlike wood, not only cork oak must be made at harvest.

Peeling the bark does not harm the tree, it is a natural process. In this regard, the cork harvest no negative impact on the stock of this proud trees. The harvest is not seen as a harmful impact on nature, especially since the peeling is done carefully by hand. In this regard, cork is quite environmentally friendly, especially as the further processing takes place comparatively resources.

Overview: Why is cork particularly sustainable?

  • 100% of cork bark obtained are processed. About one third is processed as before to bottle corks, the remainder to cork. Thus, the counted down products can be manufactured.
  • The natural material is 100% recyclable: Existing cork can be the robust material properties to something new.
  • The cork forests are CO2 sinks and thus important for the climate. Cork oaks bind about 14 million tons of CO2. By harvesting new climate-friendly resources to grow again, the harmful CO2 can bind.
  • Cork trees are flame resistant and can survive by climate change or protect other trees as well as increasing forest fires.

Why is there not an artificial copy of cork?

Given the fact that a harvest after 25 years and then only at long intervals is possible, you ask yourself determines whether such no artificial solution in textile industry. As with polyester, are? The answer is no! So far, there is no one succeeded in the to copy natural recipe for success of the cork oak.

What products can be made from cork?

You should not only think of cork. Due to the characteristics outlined here comes cork for many applications considered. Among the most common products:

  • corkeys
  • Insulation materials in home building
  • Seals (for machine)
  • pinboards
  • Float for fishing
  • flooring
  • fashion Accessories
  • Shoe inserts and shoe soles
  • coaster
  • Sustainable protective cases for smartphones
  • Here your creative idea could be 🙂

Cork coaster

If floors are, the total benefits of the material come into play: It is soft and isolates heat and noise. Since he repels dust and liquids, it is ideal for a clean indoor environment. In a personalized Allergy, establishment of this natural material can play an important role. By robustness, it is also suitable for daily use.

Although now smartphones and digital calendars characterize the daily life, are Korkpinnwände not a relic from a forgotten time. Collection is a wonderful place to hold with beautiful photos memories and special moments. What material is suitable for this purpose more than long durable cork?

Now it is creative: Cork with Mr Beam engraving laser cutter

The question 'What is cork?' and what can be produced so that we now have answers to here. Your creative design desire now feels addressed? Then you can discover Cork as an ideal material for our Mr Beam Laser Cutter. This is a great way to cork and bamboo, walnut, various hardwoods and laser-enabled plywood to engrave. You will be amazed: yourself, very filigree details Can be implemented when engraving.

=== Product ===

MR-Beam premium wooden box

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MR-Beam Air Filter-Two

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The results will be able to see each other!

Materials for the MR Beam laser cutter can be sorted in our well-stocked Materialshop to buy. There you can also give yourself an overview of many other materials that can cut and engrave with our laser cut. In the Xxl welcome box There are various materials included to extensively test the laser cutter and expand your creative can.

Inspiration for your DIY projects complacent?

With cork plates, wonderful ideas for the household can be seen as individual coasters or Table decoration Magic. Our practical test has shown that the MR Beam laser cutter when engraving score excellent results. It creates a clear contrast that gives your own cork creations an effective optical relief. By contactless engraving with the laser, no force is necessary, which presents the surface after machining with precise details. You can z. B. coasters for glasses with a pattern or saying, and thus implement a certain motto at the table.

Cork DIY idea

Of the 'Corkst' can not be a speech at all: with our laser cutter barely limited to your creativity. If you want to control a perfect dinner, You will already have engraved cork creations already recognize your good taste with the table decoration.


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