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Make garden decorations for school - Mr Beam Tutorial

School enrolment - an exciting milestone in the life of a child and his family. School enrolment is an important step in a child's educational journey and marks the beginning of their school career. It is an exciting time celebrated with pride and joy by many families. When the sun is shining, a garden party is a great way to celebrate this special day.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can use a garland and a few colourful pin-wheels to make beautiful garden decorations for school enrolment.

Material for the garden decoration for school enrolment

Material garden decoration training

you need that

For the school cone garland :

  • Colourful cardboard
  • Colourful crêpe paper
  • wooden toothpick
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • line
  • hot glue


For the wind turbines:

  • Colourful cardboard, laser leather, kraft paper or other material that is easy to bend
  • wooden sticks
  • a wood drill
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • beads


A garland of small school bags as a garden decoration for school enrolment

For your school cone garland, create an acute-angled triangle as a cone in your graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator. Small circles on the right and left as holes for the cord. For example, you can write the name of the school child or “Finally school child” or something else on the school cones, or you can simply paint them.

Garden decoration training template

You can also use your graphics program to create the words or elements that you want to stick on the school bags or add to the garland.

A really colourful garland as a garden decoration for school enrolment

Once you have come up with a colour concept, colour the cutting lines in the colour of the cardboard in question. So you can see directly in BeamOS which colour you have to put in your Mr Beam next.

Save everything and start your Mr Beam. You can now drag and drop your file into your workspace and start lasering right away. I always lasered a letter and a school cone for each colour.

In my case, the school cone had black cutting lines.

laser settings

So I lasered the black school cone plus the corresponding letter for each colour. You move all other colours into the “Skip” field.

Laser garden decoration training

When the Mr Beam has lasered everything, you can start crafting. It's best to lay everything out the way you want it to be glued on afterwards. This saves you a lot of time when searching and saves you a little from chaos. Apply the glue to the back of the letters and stick them all at the same height on your school cones.

Tinker enrollment decoration

Then turn the school cones over so that you can glue the crêpe paper to the back. Since I didn't have any crêpe paper, only crêpe tape, I simply glued four pieces of crêpe tape to the top of the school cone. The crêpe tapes each have the colour of the letter stuck on the school cone. Make sure to only use a very small amount of glue with crêpe paper, otherwise the crêpe paper will soften.

Decoration enrollment garden

Now cut off a piece of the string and tie the crêpe paper together at the top so that it looks like a closed school bag.

masking tape

To keep the crêpe paper from tipping backwards or forwards when you hang up your garland, you need the toothpicks to stabilize it. Start your hot glue gun and apply a blob of hot glue to the top centre of your school cone.

Enrollment garden decoration

Now push the end of the toothpick into the blob and let it dry.

Then you can slide the knotted string of your school cone onto the other end of the toothpick. Now it is stabilized.

A few more wind turbines as garden decoration for school enrolment

In addition to the garland, I'll show you how you can quickly make a few pin-wheels with your Mr Beam to further decorate your garden for school enrolment.

As a material, you can choose anything that can be easily bent. Cardboardkraft paper, laser leather or something else.

You can find the file for the pin-wheels in the Mr Beam design store. Load it into your work area and, if necessary, adjust the size to your material or your needs. Place your chosen material in the Mr Beam and - after focusing - start the laser job. Of course, you choose the laser settings to suit your material.

Tinkering together your wind turbines as a garden decoration for school enrolment

After lasering, you get your wind turbines out of the Mr Beam. Now you need the wooden sticks, wire and wooden beads. Now use a Dremel to drill a hole in a wooden stick in the upper area.


The hole should be at least the diameter of your wire.

Cut off a piece of wire, making sure that it doesn't bend and that it stays as straight as possible, otherwise the wind turbine will turn a bit out of round later.

Now thread a wooden bead onto the wire. This bead is the front spacer between the wooden stick and the pin-wheel. Then you push the wire through the middle hole of your pin-wheel. One after the other, you also put the other holes over the wire.

Garden decoration training

Now another pearl follows. Now bend the end of the wire very tightly and push the end piece back into your bead, creating a small loop. This prevents injuries and the pearl from slipping off.

Making garden decorations for school enrollment

You now put the wooden stick on the wire from behind and close the whole thing with a bead and the bent wire, which you then also put into the bead, just like on the other side.

Your decoration for your garden for school enrolment is now ready. I wish you a lot of fun imitating and - of course, celebrating!

Your Rina

Garden decoration training

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