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Buy cheap China laser? These dangers and risks can lurk

Ebay, Amazon & Co. lure with lasers at unbeatable prices. These are usually cheap devices that imitate valuable branded products in the look-and-feeling. Some look confusingly similar to the high -quality role models. The laser providers are almost always in the Far East. If such a China laser is ordered, it goes from a warehouse somewhere in the EU or Great Britain. But the Buying such machines harbors dangers and risks. What is in the cheap laser from China?

China laser on the testing: Why the CE marking is better real

With the CE sign, the manufacturer assures that the device is securely according to the applicable laws (Prods Security Act ProdSG). Accordingly, the CE sign is subsidized that all standards and guidelines such as the machine directive or EMC directive were taken into account when developing a product, so that the laser is secure in its product life cycle of installation, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal. In this context, certainly no danger to life, health and the environment means. Your laser also needs a CE sign. Especially if you use the laser commercially, since the legal risk is even higher here than in private use. On the other hand, if the papers are fake, incomplete or peppered with mistakes, that means: No conformity procedure, no risk assessment. The latter often does not even exist. Instead, the China Laser includes a kind of CE certificate. What seems visually convincing is in fact no meaning, since it does not replace the necessary declaration of conformity. On the contrary, in connection with CE to speak of certification or certificate, it is punishable under competition law, since it suggests an exam or expert opinion from experts, which has not taken place. The attachment of a CE marking is prohibited without a declaration of conformity. This must be included with the product, for example in the operating instructions. There is also an EU representative who is responsible for the legally compliant import from a third country like China - with name and address.

What risk do you take when you buy a laser with poor components?

In general: the cheaper, the more dangerous, the less durable and the higher the maintenance effort. Inadequate power supplies can ignite. Save the safety electrics, Laser beams may leave the housing. Eyes can be permanently destroyed, burns of the skin, objects are inflamed or deflacements are triggered in dusty environments. The devil is also happy to be in the laser source itself: manufacturers still put down defective components (e.g. cheapest glass tubes) on the market by first selling them to intermediate traders. Afterwards, such laser sources are still installed in laser - with the result that the performance is limited after a short time. Do you meet a particularly cheap China laser? It may be that this device is so cheap because there is a poor laser source in it. After all, a good laser beam source alone costs more than many cheap equipment as a whole! If you also save on the protective case, you can only advise: Finger away!

Import and save laser yourself? Caution, customs control!

Customs control China laser

High shipping costs paid, but nothing happens: you wait in vain for your China laser. Every laser that goes to Germany from a non-EU country, Must through customs. Customs are required to check such devices including the necessary import and other papers. Knew? Operating instructions must be in German according to the machine guideline! If customs becomes active, this costs fees - for testing (customs presumed) and storage of your laser. But it can also get worse: there are doubts about the authenticity of the CE marking Or the supplied documents, the customs are added to the market surveillance authority.

This now calls for further information about the China laser such as technical drawings, circuit diagrams and EMC certificates. Because it is about checking the conformity of the machine. In this case, the importer (legally correctly correctly correct the “host”) is responsible for conformity, not the manufacturer. Say: It's about providing a product on the market. The import into the European economic area corresponds to the placing on the market of a new product. All of this devours time while you cannot use your device as desired. In short: no release! At some point your purchase will go back to the manufacturer because it is not possible to provide proof of conformity.

What are cheap China laser in terms of performance?

Yes, even with a fundamentally functional China laser, you can cut foils, thin plastics and rarely also sheets (too) - with restrictions. But while oxygen and compressed air have a support for many machines from the EU market, China Laser generally does not have this. Your performance in cutting power and pace often leaves something to be desired. Other devices show problems with the focus across the entire work area. If you are talented by craftsmanship, you can spend some time with focus and adjust the mirror - without guarantee that the cutting result will be even afterwards. Such a device is usually a project for itself - for reliable, productive use, on the other hand, it is rather unsuitable. In China, such a device may be justified: human working hours costs very little compared to the device. To do this, the owner is usually not the user, but has his employees who have to deal with the shortcomings.

Why is a cheap laser often a security risk?

Many China laser let security components miss - Such machines are dangerous. Nevertheless, China laser is advertised full -bodied than

  • FDA-compliant
  • With CE marking
  • fulfills VDE provisions
  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • u. v. m.

You can write a lot! It is also popular to hand over an EMC examination certificate and to declare this as a CE conformity. Even with a machine that does not meet the VDE regulations according to the Lower Voltage Line, the authorization to bear the CE sign expires. German dealers who sell such China laser within Europe are punishable. Common mistakes in China laser: The switch of the protective cover does not interrupt the operation of the laser, so that the machine happily distributes the laser beam in the room when the lid is engraving and cutting. The grounding of the housing is also often poor, which can lead to electric shocks when touched.

Shop switches are often not redundant, housings have column, laser beams can leave the intended radiation course because adjustment screws have not been fixed. Generally are China laser Membrant: Even simple protective is not sitting where it belongs. If your device is under overvoltage, the laser will surrender at some point. Incorrect use of grounding cables in the high -voltage area of ​​the machine, cables and lines with a false cross -section or button, which after a short time already give up the mind, are often defendant. In the area of ​​- so essential! -Control is used to take clone boards instead of original boards that only run with a certain software version. Updates are not possible - get used to.

No-go! If the suction is missing

Suction laser cutter

Depending on the material processed can develop highly toxic, carcinogenic vapors. For plasticizers in plastics z. B. a millionth gram is enough to be carcinogenic. If you want to use the China laser commercially or in industry and at workplaces, you have no choice in this regard - because there are clear regulations. Therefore, exhaust air treatment is also mandatory - no specialist company would advise you to work without suction. If this is missing, the vapors can also damage mirrors and lenses by deposits in the device in the long term. Commercialists are also allowed to lead an exhaust air outwards. Here you should definitely find out thoroughly beforehand so that you are on the safe side as a trader.

Why can insufficient faithfulness become a problem?

After everything you have so far Cheap China Laser knows, this will hardly surprise you: the EMC report, which confirms the electromagnetic tolerance, is often fake. An EMC report answers two questions:

  • How is a machine susceptible to interference in the event of disorders on the network?
  • How strong is the laser cutter's own disruptive potential for other electrical appliances?

There are strict requirements and limit values ​​for frequencies permitted here. Only a certified test laboratory can determine whether a laser It is sturdy and which (costly) measures of the interference of interference need for future flawless work without disturbing other devices. As a rule, cheap lasers completely ignore this.

What if the device hooks? Support none

Anyone who ordered from an intermediary buys a laser without service and without a maintenance contract. Although a laser is not a toaster, but a complex machine that also occasionally lets experienced users call for expert support. If there is no one who solves your problem, everything stands still. If the laser caught complete, good advice is expensive: How do you get a repair for your China laser now? Or to a replacement laser? Therefore, you should definitely ask yourself these questions in advance before the evil awakening comes in the end and you may even have to pay off. If the technical know-how is only available to a limited extent, you should refrain from a cheap China laser and look for a safe alternative. Ultimately, in the end you are more likely to be on your own at the China Laser to solve problems. Under certain circumstances, other dangers can also arise if you take the problem in your own hands. A more detailed advice before buying can, for example, remove doubts from the start.

Why is it worth paying a little more and investing in tested quality?

Laser cutter

Laser cutter like ours Mr Beam are manufactured in Germany. High, constant quality is guaranteed. His declaration of conformity applies in the EU Plus in other countries of the European Economic Area. 

Our Mr Beam offers you the following features:

  • Plug & Play
  • Laser class 1 (if the hood is open, stops the machine)
  • Browser -based software, for Mac, Windows, Linux
  • can be used offline & indoor (with air filter)
  • easy handling
  • German and English support
  • Firmware updates
  • a quiet laser that consumes little electricity
  • Metal security housing, transparent protective lid
  • CE marking
  • Integrated camera
  • Integrated WLAN
  • to use out-of-the-box safely without elaborating the mirrors etc.

Mr Beam Is a desktop laser cutter for everyone, equipped with in -house software, intuitive and user -friendly. For example, the laser machine can engravate, slate or cork, but also cuts plywood such as B. poplar plywood as well Solid wood, acrylic, Mu and much more. But also textiles like felt, Cotton or jersey as well as leather Can you edit with this laser. Thanks to safety precautions and Air Filter II system is the Laser cutter perfectly equipped for indoor operation. And because his software Also offline is running, you can also use this laser to markets, trade fairs or in schools work with it.

Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] & Air Filter II System Bundle

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Mr Beam Air Filter II

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Conclusion: Better caution as a forbearance

Cheap lasers from the Far East are problematic. Your CE marking is often fake or ongoing charm. Until high -quality laser sources, poor parts are installed - and many CHINA laser are also technically not safe. The faithfulness (EMC) is also affected with defects. Still - or precisely because of that? - Lure providers on platforms such as eBay and Amazon with dumping prices and unsustainable guarantee promises. Whoever dares and prefers to import such a China laser yourself, very often gets problems with customs. And after the purchase? The problems continue because contacts and support for maintenance, updates and repairs are missing. In advance, you should therefore be aware of what else can get on you after a purchase.

Should you dare - and buy a China laser?

Admittedly - the price of these machines is hot. Some laser made in Germany cost ten times. Is it worth buying a China laser? If you only want to use the China laser occasionally in a hobby, like to tinker with it and are able to repair your machine yourself and retrofit it in terms of safety, we cannot stop you from it. You should have trained as a laser protection officer in advance in order to recognize possible sources of danger. Overall, buying cheap but can be really expensive: if you want to save money with a cheap alternative, Pay in the long term - with security and performance!

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