Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] & Air Filter III Bundle

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Artikelnummer: 900-00016

Scope of delivery:

Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] laser cutter
Mr Beam Air Filter III

Discover the new, elegant “made in Germany” laser cutter and make your own creations! Simple and absolutely safe with the desktop laser cutter from Mr Beam!

Laser cutting and engraving is a contactless material processing process. It allows the processing of a variety of materials, such as plywood, leather, paper, foam rubber, fabric and much more. All of our Mr Beam devices are delivered ready for use. After unpacking, all you have to do is connect the laser head and the air filter system and you're ready to go. The Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] is operated via a web application in the Chrome browser, so no software installation is necessary. The integrated WLAN, the so-called access point, also enables a fast connection, even without internet - ideal for use at trade fairs and markets.

Facts and figures:
  • Laser class 1
  • Work surface 500mm x 390mm x 38mm (optionally the height can also be extended to 68mm with the Mr Beam Height Extension )
  • strong and highly efficient 10W shortwave laser (450nm)
  • Metal safety housing, transparent protective cover
  • CE marking
  • Integrated camera for easy placement of design templates
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Firmware updates “over the air”
  • Browser-based plug & play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and tablets (without installation)
  • Smoke extraction with Mr Beam Air Filter III system
  • Mr Beam weighs under 10kg
  • Air filter on practical rolls
  • Safe transport possible with the Mr Beam transport case

Numerous materials can be easily processed with the Mr Beam:

  • 3mm acrylic in different colors such as orange, pastel, white (opaque)
  • up to 8 to 10mm laserable poplar plywood
  • 20 to 25mm foam or foam rubber
  • 3 to 6mm felt
  • Stamp rubber engraving
  • Slate engraving
  • Kraftplex up to 3mm
  • Leather engraving
  • anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel (with the markSolid spray)
  • Mirror engraving (back)

and many more! You can find many examples on social media using the hashtag #madewithmrbeam!

What exactly differentiates the new and powerful [x] from the [S]?

    The [x] stands for e X trem. Our 10W laser head is ideal for power users who cut a lot of wood. The motto is: more power. more speed. more creativity !

    With our new laser head, you can cut much faster and also process thicker materials. White acrylic (opaque) is no longer an impossibility and up to 8-10mm laser-compatible plywood is no longer a problem for our new laser head (of course the laser must be clean, and the focus must also be set correctly).

    You can now also engrave rubber stamps, mirror tiles and even anodized aluminium very quickly! A real game changer!

    Attention: Thanks to the new laser head, the laser has so much more power that the cutting mat cannot is suitable for cutting. Of course, you can use them for engraving. It is also great for “locking” pens in for clean engraving. Please use either ours for cutting Magnet clips or ours Mr Beam Cutting Sti[x ]. It is important that there is enough air between the wood and the base plate. Otherwise, there may be unsightly traces of smoke on the underside. If you use the Mr Beam Height Extension, you can easily use the Cutting Frame with the [x] head.

    Tip: Get the most out of your new Mr Beam and order the height extension plus an extra cutting frame!

    Note: If you don't order a height extension, please remember to order the Cutting Sti[x] too!

    Note - honest and transparent: More throughput also means more material abrasion! That's why we developed the Air Filter III specifically for the [x] head and for everyone who lasers a lot of wood. So it's worth it if you're a power user.

    Note: the bundle with the Air Filter II is of course still available!

    Already knew? We have integrated a camera!

      For user-friendly use of the device, the Mr Beam II dreamcut [x] has an integrated camera on the safety lid. As soon as this is opened, a photo of the entire work area is taken every few seconds, enabling precise placement of the materials to be processed. The process saves a lot of time because the position of the laser template does not always have to be measured exactly in advance - just put it in and get started.

      PAYMENT IN INSTALLMENTS: possible within Germany via Paypal Checkout (creditworthiness required).

      Please keep the original packaging and buffer material. This is absolutely necessary if the Mr Beam needs to be sent in for an inspection or repair, for example.


      10 watts