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Deco Trends 2023 - What's hot?

Are you one of those people who love to redecorate their home over and over again? Then you will surely be excited about the Deco Trends 2023 . As this year, nature is the main trend. But there are also many interesting new trends that really make you want to give your own four walls a fresh look. Of course, DIY ideas should not be missing. We're sure you'll be happy to hear that you can make some of your new decoration for the coming year yourself, including with your Mr Beam . Of course we will regularly provide you with new DIY instructions for tinkering!

Most important decoration trends 2023: nature and sustainability

Deco trend 2023 Cottage Core

Nature, sustainability and natural materials are definitely trendy in 2023. We've already seen that this year, and the topic has even gained in popularity towards the end of the year. We all simply feel comfortable with natural materials.

Wood and decorations made from it, such as shapes cut out with a laser, are suitable for decorating the apartment. Bamboo, sheep's wool, cotton and ceramics can also be seen everywhere at the moment.

Cottage Core

What applies to the materials also applies to the colours. Natural tones such as beige, green tones, brown and all earth tones are currently in fashion. Overall, the natural trend creates a cozy and calming atmosphere. The cottage core style is also related to the natural trend. So it's not surprising that Cottage Core style decor is celebrated by bloggers. The cottage style is based on old British country houses. Romantic motifs and vintage illustrations, for example of mushrooms, frogs or flowers, play a major role here.

These colours are in trend for Deco 2023

Deco trend lavender

Since the nature theme is one of the most important decoration trends in 2023, shades based on nature are also in trend. In addition to beige, the green and brown are of all shades.

One of the trending colours when decorating is “digital lavender”. This is a light, pastel shade of violet or lilac . The colour has an extravagant character, it creates a cheerful mood and gives the room more width and light. Just like the natural tones, the lavender colour has a very calming effect. By the way, you can combine this lilac tone very well with natural colours.

The Pantone trend colours for 2023 include Viva Magenta, a strong, vibrant pink. This strong colour is a counter to the natural trend, you can set wonderful colourful accents with it. Other strong colours such as garnet red and blue can also be seen everywhere in the latest decoration trends.

Luxurious colours: gold, black and white

Decoration trend 2023

In a way, luxurious decoration is a counter-trend to the natural look. If you don't like natural materials and colours that much, you might be enthusiastic about elegant decorations in gold, black and white. Luxurious, but always minimalist, that's the best way to describe this trend. Because the decoration should not appear ostentatious or exaggerated.

Pattern mix as a decoration trend 2023

Ethnic pattern decoration trend 2023

The pattern mix is ​​one of the most important decoration trends for the coming year. Regardless of whether you opt for inconspicuous patterns in delicate, natural colours or for colourful, floral patterns, Mexican ethno patterns or classic stripes - patterns can currently be seen everywhere in interior design.

With patterned cushion covers, curtains or blankets for the sofa, you can give your home a whole new look. Different patterns are wildly combined with each other for the pattern mix trend. Minimalist patterns are still in trend. These include, for example, classic striped patterns that always look elegant and can be combined in many ways. But geometric patterns in the Scandinavian style are still popular.

Organic shapes and knots

Decoration trend 2023

Organic shapes, for example in vases, crockery or other decorative items, are expected to be a very important topic in the decorative trends in 2023. The knots that we can already see everywhere in the decoration also fit in with this. Concrete or ceramic knots are particularly popular. You can put them on the shelf as objects or, for example, opt for a candlestick with a knot look.

Deco trends for hobbyists

Natural decoration trend 2023

In 2023 a lot can be done again. After all , there are many ways to express yourself creatively with natural materials . So it is not surprising that upcycling, recycling and sustainability in general are among the DIY decoration trends for 2023 . For handicrafts, it is best to use biodegradable materials or you can decide to recycle old ones. Natural materials such as pine cones or dried leaves are also popular for popular DIY projects.

When you work with natural materials, not everything has to be perfect, on the contrary. The irregularities often make up the special charm of the crafted decoration.

With the laser cutter, you can cut interesting shapes in natural materials or in found objects from everyday life or the forest. There are hardly any limits to creativity. In our article about crafting trends in 2023, you'll learn more about the topic!

Fantastically beautiful patterns with the Japanese batik technique Shibori

Decoration trend 2023 Shibori

We saw batik everywhere last year, and in 2023 the Japanese batik technique Shibori will be particularly popular. Shibori has a long tradition in Japan and is still widely used today. The fabrics are tied, folded and knotted in a specific way, creating geometric patterns. You can not only dye t-shirts with this technique, but of course also pillowcases, cloth napkins and even bed linen. Incidentally, the special thing about Shibori is that natural dyes are traditionally used. Indigo blue is very classic and most Japanese batik work is made with it. But you can also use other natural colours for this decoration trend.

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