Garten Trends 2024

Decoration trends for the garden 2024

When looking at decoration trends for the garden in 2024, the most notable popular highlights among flowers are the sea pink and the purple loosestrife. You can tell which colours are trendy in the garden environment by looking at popular styles such as Viva la Vida, Playful Construction or Gentle Paradox. In addition, oil candles, pearl decorations and lanterns remain interesting garden trends. Smart garden technology with attractive lighting is also trendy and worth serious consideration.

Grass pink as a suitable flower for decoration trends in the garden

Sea pink

If you want to keep up with the garden decoration trends in 2024 and are looking for the right flowers, grass pinks will fulfil your wishes. With white and pink flowers, these plants give your flower garden a colourful charm. Another notable identifying feature of this highlight among the garden trends are small stems on which spherical flowers are located.

The easy care of the sea pink offers you decisive advantages. In addition, this flower is perennial and undemanding and hardy. The sea pink typically flowers in late spring. The sea pinks complement carpet thyme perfectly. The flowers reach a size of around ten centimetres.

Purple loosestrife as a perennial with high popularity

Blood Loosestrife

Perennials are also a sensible choice if you want to inspire people with decorative trends for the garden. Because wild flowers have become increasingly popular among garden owners, this is especially true for wild perennials. A special highlight among these flowers is the purple loosestrife. This garden flower will fascinate you with the following advantages, among others:

  • impressive effect of the flowers of the purple loosestrife due to height over one meter
  • striking flower colours with attractive effect
  • Insect-friendliness with benefits for bees, butterflies and other species

Cheerful colours in Viva la Vida style as garden trends

Viva la Vida Trend

You can see which colours are trending for the garden in 2024, especially in the popular style trend Viva la Vida. This garden style makes the environment as cheerful as possible. The style is intended to create a romantic garden atmosphere through a combination of eye-catching patterns and natural materials. For this, you need flowers with cheerful colours. The Viva la Vida style mixes these garden flowers with elements made of openwork wrought iron that are impressive.

The following trendy colours give the popular garden style its unique charm as decoration trends for the garden in 2024:

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • magenta
  • Red

Creative style variant Playful Construction for decoration trends in the garden

Playful Construction

If you want to choose an exceptionally creative style variant for decoration trends in the garden, Playful Construction is an interesting option. Bright and light colours are intended to give you the opportunity to look at your garden from a unique perspective with this style. Bright and light colours of the style trend contribute significantly to creativity.

Very simple decorations and furniture with smooth surfaces characterize the Playful Construction style. The aim of the garden style is to make individual plants and decorations immediately catch the eye. Special forms of the style trend are also extremely eye-catching.

Unique contrasts with the Gentle Paradox style trend


If you prefer a popular style trend with strong contrasts, it is worth having a closer look at the Gentle Paradox style. Soft and hard elements complement each other in this garden style as decoration trends for the garden. With the contrast, the style represents the differences between peaceful leisure time and stressful work in everyday life. Bulbous and rounded garden furniture is typical of the Gentle Paradox style trend.

You can combine very different materials, such as ceramic and marble. In addition, garden trends with a change between light grasses and robust plant species fit the Gentle Paradox style. A mixture of pastel colours and natural shades also complements the trendy garden style.

Oil candles as special garden trends in 2024

Oil candle

Among the decoration trends for the garden in 2024, oil candles are also particularly worth mentioning. These candles look very classy in the garden environment. This gives you the chance to create an atmospheric atmosphere in your garden on evenings. A layer of rapeseed oil and coloured water give the oil candles their remarkable effect. The candles can be designed in very different colours.

If you like to do crafts, you can make your own oil candle using a transparent container. A classic jam jar is particularly suitable for this. You will also need a wick and a cork for this craft project for garden trends. Glass nuggets and food colouring give the oil candles a unique charm.

Timeless pearl decoration as decoration trends for the garden

Pearl decoration

Timeless pearl decorations are just as suitable as decorative trends in the garden. Beautiful pearl hearts always appeal to many people. If you want to make such decorations yourself, you benefit from very versatile design options. If you want to bring a little romance into the garden atmosphere, pearl decorations in the shape of a heart are a sensible choice.

You can also choose individual colours. It is definitely an option to design all the decorations with beads of the same colour as a garden trend. A colourful pearl heart also develops a remarkable charm in the garden environment. At the same time, you can integrate a glass crystal into the pearl decoration if you wish. During the day, these decoration trends for the garden will delight you with fascinating colour plays in the sunlight.

You have further options with regard to the following design possibilities as soon as you make a pearl decoration yourself:

  • Pearl shape
  • Pearl size
  • Pearl material

Lanterns for evenings with a picturesque ambience in the garden

Lantern Garden Trend

Lanterns will also remain established among the decoration trends for the garden in 2024. This creates a very remarkable ambience in the garden environment, especially in the evenings. You have the option of either hanging the lanterns in your garden or placing them on the ground. You can get suitable garden lanterns or lanterns in very different styles.

There are oriental and antique designs as well as modern variants. In addition to white and black garden lanterns, there are a wide range of colour variations to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to select models that suit your unique garden style. A combination of several lanterns creates a special charm in your garden. For example, you can place a group of lanterns of very different sizes along a garden path to emphasize its uniqueness.

Smart garden technology with lighting as a useful decoration trend in 2024


Smart garden technology is useful on the one hand and is also one of the decoration trends for the garden in 2024 because you can use it to implement very attractive lighting concepts . With an imaginative lighting control system, the technology becomes a real highlight at garden parties. With modern systems, you can set fixed specifications for the lighting or spontaneously control the lighting systems in the evening via apps. At the same time, smart technology for the garden will convince you with extremely useful functions. But automatic irrigation systems with suitable decorative elements for the technology can also make an extremely positive impression in terms of elegance in the garden environment.

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