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Last minute Mother's Day gift - Mr Beam Tutorial

Are you like me every year? A look at the calendar: Today is Mother's Day!

And again you have ... no gift for mom. - Oh dear now?!

Another mandatory voucher? Flower? Invite to eat?

This year you are lucky, here is my DIY tutorial for your Easy Peasy Last minute Mother's Day gift!

Homemade gifts are always welcome - much nicer than an overpriced bouquet of flowers from the supermarket fund with the typical “Mother Day” insert ...

Firstly, this is cheaper, secondly faster (and even on Sundays 😉) and thirdly more personal and individual!

Your DIY thread image as Mother's Day gift

A DIY thread image as Tinker last minute Mother's Day gift, goes very quickly.

You can also insert small pieces of paper with vouchers or lovely messages.

You can tailor the colour of the yarn to your mom's favourite colours or their decoration. Furthermore, you can choose a simple heart, or letters or other symbols as a motif. There are really no limits to your imagination. In the end, I go into the many options and ideas.

What you need
  • Tree slice or a wooden board (I recommend at least 12 mm thick so that the nails hold)
  • Motif template
  • scissors
  • Painter tape or adhesive tape
  • Nail
  • hammer
  • Pliers for any corrections of the nails
  • Yarn in the colour of your choice

Now comes the step-by-step instructions for your handicraft DIY thread image as a last minute Mother's Day gift

1) Print your template on paper and cut them out roughly.

2) Position your template on the wood where yours Thread image is to be created And fix it with a painter tape or other adhesive strips, whereby the male tape is easiest to loosen again and can also tear better in the event of nailing.

Mother's Day gift

3) Now the nails come into play. You hit this at a distance of approx. 1 cm with the hammer into the wood. As a height, I recommend “as long as you can hold the nail, and it doesn't hurt”, so about finger high.

Note, for example, to set a nail in cornerstones and to hammer closer in the case of curves depending on the nails so that the shape also Thread image remains clearly recognizable.

If you find that a nail is wrongly positioned, you can pull it out with your pliers.

Last minute Mother's Day gift

4) When you are finished, you can remove the paper with your template. First loosen the adhesive strips, and then you simply tear off your defined template.

Mother's Day gift

Your basic framework for making your DIY thread picture as a last minute Mother's Day gift is now in place!

Mother's Day gift

Now it's time to thread!

Think about the colours in which your motif should shine afterwards. Should the border, for example, have a different colour? Or do you have two motifs, which should have different colours? Would you like to fill it very closely, or do you prefer to make it a little airier?

No matter what you choose, put everything within reach.

5) Start with the contour: Choose your yarn and knot it on the first nail where you want to start. You cut off the protruding end.

Last minute gift for Mother's Day

6) In order to prevent your contour from slipping or slipping later, you put a small loop around every nail. Nail for nail and very quickly your DIY thread image takes Last minute Mother's Day gift already shape.

Gift for Mother's Day

7) You can simply thread the inside of your motif on it as you like. Cross and down, up and down.

Heart to Mother's Day

8) When you're done, knot your thread on the last nail well. Cut out the protruding thread. First motif finished!

9) You are the same with the second motif. First thread the contour to thread, a loop around each nail. Then thread on it. Done! Wow, that looks great, isn't it?

Last minute Mother's Day gift

A few more ideas for little highlights

  • In the end, pull the contour again in a different colour. A subtle gray or a strong black? That is up to you.

Last minute gift

  • Two motifs in different colours look like they overlap if you use the inner row of nails for both colours. The second colour is then threaded over the first colour.
  • Pick a picked flower or one Dear message to your mom Between the threads. Or a nice photo of you both?
  • Write joint memories or events on small paper rolls and push them into your DIY thread.
  • Glue two small clothes pegs on your wooden disc, into which you clamp a nice photo.
  • With a beautiful wood glaze, you can set another colour accent.

Personalize your gift through a small message on the wooden disc. With an acrylic pencil or thick felt pen, that is done quickly and gives your's Last minute Mother's Day gift Another more personal note. It goes even faster by the wooden disc with yours Mr Beam Before engraving.  You can also create lettering super quickly and easily in BeamOS and adapt it directly to the shape of your wooden disc.

DIY thread image

  • With the Mr Beam Can you through an engraving also skip the step with the template: just engraving your motif quickly on that wood. Then you don't have to print out a template, fix and remove it after nailing, but can start directly.

Last minute Mother's Day gift

I hope you enjoy tinkering with the Tutorial And a nice one Mother's Day! - with a personal gift the day is still saved. 😉

Your rina

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