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What is what? - Make your own weatherproof herb signs

It's starting to sprout in your herb pots - but what is what again? 

And how should it be cared for? Where do lavender, parsley, sage and the like feel most at home? How much water do they need, and can they stay outside in winter, do they have to be indoors or covered?

The labels that you often have with you when you buy them usually don't survive for long. They either fly away, get lost or rot.

Here comes the solution: Making weatherproof herb signs yourself

Herbal shield sage

Herb signs you can easily make yourself. We have one Tutorial prepared for this. And you also look really chic! However, you have to be careful with the choice of material, because rain, moisture and UV radiation put most materials very fast. Therefore, you need herbal signs from a resistant, weatherproof material that deals with the Mr Beam can be easily processed. What fits better than acrylic?!

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Herb signs made of acrylic are weatherproof

Herbal signs made of acrylic are weatherproof, Because acrylic keeps moisture and UV radiation loose. And the Mr Beam Cuts acrylic like butter. Thus, your herbal signs are done quickly and the black acrylic from the Mr Beam Shop is really good between your herbs.

The right file can be found again Mr Beam DesignStore. I have 16 this time Various herbal signs created. But - because I use it frequently - including a "watch" herbal sign.

This is a case for the "see" herbal sign

Maybe you know that? You seeded diligently and the first shoots in your beet are already to see, but what is that? So that you do not praise the weeds in the temptation it will remember, there is "let's see" -Herbal sign. This way, when you're weeding, you know right away that this tender little plant is still standing.

The homemade herbal signs with individual care tips

Make herbal signs yourself

Thanks to the homemade herbal signs You soon know where which herb grows, but still not what care needs it.

Tip to the herbal signs
Engraving your care tips on the back of your weatherproof herbal signs made of acrylic!

The engraving can you create in two ways

  1. Depending on the text length, it makes sense to create this in advance in your graphics program, as you have more options in formatting there. Open the file from the herbal tags first in your graphics program, e.g. Adobe Illustrator. There you can also select which herb signs you need at all. You now have to reflect the selected signs. On the back now to see you create your individual care tips. You can then later Mr Beam engraving permit.

  2. Open your BeamOs And upload the file to your design library. From there in your work area and select the herbal signs you need. You mirror yours Herbal signs In the BeamOs and thanks to the text tool in the work area you can easily create your text with personal care tips for engraving in the BeamOs.

Template herb signs

Smaller than this font size, I would not recommend because it will be readily readable.

Let your weatherproof herbal signs cut and then engrave

Put your acrylic in the Mr Beam. When all herbal signs are prepared in your workspace, click on "lasers". Now you choose "acrylic" and the colour of your acrylic. As always: Do not forget to focus!

My personal tip
For the cutting job, you first let the protective film on the acrylic. That smells a bit uncomfortable, but you do not have to clean the herbal signs after cutting.

That's why the engraving and let the Mr Beam Cut your herbal signs first.

Laser parameters Herbal signs

If the Mr Beam Done, you open the lid and remove the foil on the herbal plagues. Make sure that nothing slipped, otherwise the engraving is not correct as your Weatherproof herbal signs is positioned.

Acrylic herb signs

Start the laser job with the engraving. This time, you skip the cutting - that's already done. So I have achieved in total the more beautiful results.

Is the Mr Beam finished? Then open the lid and pick up your acrylic plate and - oh, I love this moment - your perfectly laser-cut, homemade and weatherproof herb signs simply stay on the grid.

Herbal signs tinker

You probably still have to remove the spaces of the letters. They are partly so small that they do not fall out of themselves. You can simply push these pieces or with the help of a pointed object.

Rinse your homemade herbal signs with water to remove the dust from engraving.

Make herbal signs yourself

And already your homemade, Weatherproof Herbal Signs ready for use.

And I find them up to the same time pretty chic from the black Mr Beam Acrylic.

Weatherproof Herbal Signs

Herbal signs made of slate

Herbal signs slate

Alternatively, you can also Herbal signs made of slate. With the Mr Beam Can you engraving slate quickly and easily. The result of the slate engraving can also be seen. In addition, the herbal signs made of slate are also weatherproof. So you have the agony of choice. 😉

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