Mit dem Mr Beam Geschenkverpackungen für jeden Anlass basteln

Tinket with the Mr Beam gift packaging for every occasion

For most people, the packaging of gifts is likely to be a means of purpose. Through this, the recipient can not recognize directly, which is the content of the packaging. The wrapping paper ends first somewhere in the corner and immediately afterwards in the garbage. This is now finish! With this Tutorial can you do your own Sustainable gift packaging yourself And thus so much upgrade that the packaging is already a separate, an integral part of the gift. In addition, the packaging is also easily reusable. Have fun!

Which materials are needed?

Before we can get started with the tinkering of the gift packaging, you should summarize all the necessary materials. In addition to your desired material to the laser, you still need small clothespins, ideally made of wood, some paket snice and normal packaging material. We have decided here for very simple paper bags, too to ensure reusability.

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Felt 5er set

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The part of the self-made gift packaging, which is lasered, will later be a fancy pendant to give the gift a little more personality. Especially good is suitable for this feltbecause this even with filigree laser jobs still one Relatively high resistance having. If your trailer is a bit thicker or you know that you do not have to endure so much, see also in wood Very good. All possible materials Of course you can find in our shop.

Gift wrapping Tueten

The laser file - the agony of choice

As always, there are two ways to choose from. Either you decide for the comfortable way And download our trailer designs from the Design Store, or you try to create a laser design yourself. Something below you will find a few useful tips.

Design store

Whether Christmas, birthdays or another party, with our gift packaging holder for yourself, you are definitely perfectly equipped. Just the file "Gift wrapping pendant" Download, in the Mr Beam Insert and move the pendant as you like and scale. If you want to move them all individually on the work surface, you can easily cut the design by clicking in the software, on the three strokes at the bottom right of the corner and selecting "Forms" there.

Gift wrapping template

Create a laser file yourself

If you want to create the laser file yourself this time, you only need an illustration program of your choice. We use illustrator in our example. One - Royalty Free Software like Inkscape is equally well suited to craft your own gift packaging.

  • First, you require a basic shape for the trailer. Here is one Classic label form especially on. For this you only require a rectangle in any size, as well as a hexagon, with half radius, as the rectangle is wide. Then scale the hexagon vertically until the sloping fits you. We decided in our design file for a 45 ° angle (which you reach by adjusting the height half as big as the width). Then place the side corners of the hexagon exactly on the upper corners of the rectangle. Then you have to unite the two forms with the Pathfinder Tool only to a single.

Template gift wrap

  • Next, you need two holes in your label. A small up to thread a string later and a big below to get here matching motive installation. Of course, the concrete sizes must fit your label size. But do not place them too tightly at the edge, so that the whole construct is not too easily ripping.

Template gift wrap

  • Now your creativity is in demand. The big circle must now be filled with a motif, that suits your occasion. Depending on what you want to create, the drawing tool is recommended here. Finally, you can add any text to the label. Here it is important in text only the filling, but not the form set, so that the font is really engraved. But you can, of course, later in the Mr Beam software insert.

Clothespin engraving

If you want to go a step further now, you can also do your clothespins, which afterwards Special gift wrapping to close, engraving. For this, however, it is significant that the clamps made of wood are manufactured and not coated to avoid burning harmful materials.

Engraved clothespin

Completion of the packaging

You have to have finished labels, finished clothespins, packet chic and the packaging yourself. To the gift wrap together to tinker, first the label must be given to a correct one with the help of the packet creep pendant be made. Take care that the string is not too long so that the trailer is not lost somewhere, but can really hang on the gift.

Felt gift tag

Now you can put your gift in the packaging, hang the trailer between the clothespin and then close the packaging with it. Now make sure that the trailer dangles properly and then the Homemade gift wrapping Also completely upgraded. So you make a pleasure before unpacking, no matter if too Christmas or other occasions.

We look forward to the pictures of your variants under the Hashtag #madewithmrbeam On the social media platform of your choice. Have fun giving away!

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