What is kraft paper? Mr Beam explains

The kraft in the paper world: A deep look into the universe of kraft paper

Have you ever been to a café or supermarket and carried your purchases home in a sturdy, ecological bag? Or have you ever received a package wrapped in sturdy brown paper? Probably yes. The paper you are holding is kraft paper. It is becoming increasingly popular in a world increasingly opting for sustainable and eco-friendly materials. But what exactly is this kraft paper?

The Substance of Starch: What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper, also known as kraftliner, is a speciality paper made from long-life pulp, mostly softwood. Its name comes from the German word "Kraft" which means "strength" and gives a direct indication of the impressive tear resistance and resilience of this type of paper.

Behind the scenes: The manufacture of kraft paper

What is kraft paper

The production of this type of paper begins with the selection of the right wood. Usually, softwood is used because its long fibres guarantee high strength of the final product. After removing the bark and other outer layers, the wood is chopped into chips. These wood chips are then cooked in what is known as the sulphate or kraft process. During this process, lignin and other binders dissolve, leaving behind pure pulp.

After the cooking process, the pulp is bleached and cleaned to remove any impurities that may remain. The cleaned pulp is then soaked in water to produce paper pulp. This mass is then fed through a paper machine, which removes the water and presses the material into thin sheets. After drying, the finished paper is wound up into large rolls, ready for shipping and further processing.

The charm of kraft paper: Its impressive properties

This paper has some notable properties that set it apart from other types of paper:

  • Robust Strength: Kraft paper is known for its high tensile and tear strength
  • Excellent durability: it withstands mechanical stress and is very durable
  • AMAZING FLEXIBILITY: Although strong, it remains flexible and easy to handle
  • Environmental friendliness: It is fully biodegradable and easily recyclable
  • Versatile printability: It is easy to print and edit
  • Adaptability: It is available in many different thicknesses and sizes and can therefore be adapted for a wide range of applications

Versatility in Action: Kraft Paper Applications

kraft paper

The special characteristics of kraft paper make it the preferred choice for a wide range of uses. It is often used in the packaging industry, in the form of shopping bags, wrapping paper, envelopes, packaging for food and other products. It is also used in a variety of ways in industry, for example as an intermediate layer when stacking products, as protective paper during shipping or as filling material in packaging.

But this paper has even more to offer: It is also used for creative purposes. Whether as a base for watercolour painting, stencils, scrap booking or for handicrafts - its high strength and rustic charm make it a favourite among artists and craftsmen for all DIY ideas.

With growing environmental concerns, kraft paper is becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging. It is biodegradable, recyclable and generates no toxic waste, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

Unleash creativity: Processing kraft paper

One of the highlights of this paper type is its adaptability. You can print it using printing processes, cut it with a laser cutter or engrave it, fold it, punch it and shape it into almost any shape you want.

Have you ever heard of a laser machine ? It is a device that cuts materials with high precision using a powerful laser beam. It is ideal for processing kraft paper, as it allows precise cutting and engraving without damaging the material.

Laser kraft paper

Whether you want to engrave your logo on grocery bags , design unique gift wrap or create bespoke labels for your products, our Mr Beam laser cutters can make it happen. They are designed to be extremely user-friendly, with a web-based application that requires no software installation and works even without an active internet connection. So you can start lasering anywhere and anytime, whether at trade fairs, markets or in your basement workshop.

When it comes to cutting, Mr Beam makes that process straightforward too. You can create your custom design in your favorite program or use our built-in template library, which has hundreds of designs for all kinds of occasions. Simply drag and drop your template into the web interface and position it within the workspace.

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On the way to the paper revolution: Discover the possibilities of kraft paper

Kraft paper is more than just a packaging material. With its robustness, flexibility and environmental friendliness, it is a true all-rounder in the world of paper. Whether you're a business owner looking for sustainable packaging solutions or an artist looking for a new medium for your next project, it could be just what you're looking for. With a laser cutter, you can bring your own unique designs to life on kraft paper and let your creativity run wild. It's time to discover the power of kraft paper!

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