Dirndl Trends 2023

Oktoberfest Special: Which dirndls are popular in 2023?

On September 16th the time has come: It's O'zapft is again! Since we don't want to appear unstylish at the world's largest folk festival, we're going to summarize the Dirndl Trends 2023 for you again this year.

Which materials, colours and cuts for the dirndl are trending in 2023?

Compared to the Dirndl Trends 2022, it will be brighter and friendlier again in 2023 as far as traditional costumes are concerned. One or the other glitter accessory should not be missing this year. Pastel shades in particular are very trendy. The trend colours for 2023, lavender, orange-red to terracotta, sage/mint green, and yellow to peach-coloured, are also reflected in the traditional costume. Patterns and floral prints will also be seen frequently this fall.

Last year's velvet trend remains, along with loden, linen and suede tops. In combination with cotton skirt and silk apron.

Which accessories are must-haves this year?

Accessories Dirndl

Best believe I'm still bejewelled - or what did Taylor Swift sing there? We should also follow this motto this year, and a little glitter and glamour is always possible. With traditional costumes, this works best with heels that have a glitter detail such as a bow or heart at the top. However, the colour matching bag can also sparkle a little.

But it can also glitter in your hair: How about a rhinestone headband? Those who prefer it simpler can use velvet hairbands.

Dirndl Trends 2023

Which jacket for the dirndl?

Dirndl Trends 2023

As it can often get a bit chilly in September/October, the right jacket is a must. Loden jackets and cardigans are never out of trend, but if you want to be particularly up-to-date, get a slightly thicker cardigan with floral embroidery.

What should I consider when choosing a blouse? Which material is particularly popular this year?

Dirndl trend blouse 2023

Especially 3/4-sleeved blouses with lace details are a 2023 favourite. White and black blouses are classics, along with coloured blouses for a monochrome traditional look to match the dirndl. Those who like it more playful are way ahead with ruffled dirndl blouses.

The outfit is almost complete now. But which shoes should you wear with your dirndl in 2023?

Dirndl trends 2023 shoes

As mentioned above, pumps and heels are welcome to glitter a little this year. Otherwise, the classics remain: pumps in nude, beige or rosé with a light dirndl, with a darker, more muted fit in dark green, for example, black velvet pumps go well. Flats in beige always work. Pointed heels and flats look particularly classy. When it rains, ankle boots with a slight heel can be used.

Should I give up anything this year? Are certain traditional costumes out?

This trend has already emerged in 2022: Dirndls with heels stay in the closet. Button placket or zip tops in a simple cut are way ahead.

Conclusion on the dirndl trends 2023

Dirndl Trends 2023

In 2023 dirndl trends will be diverse and creative, as is usual in the fashion world. - including glitter and glamour. But despite all the innovations, it should not be forgotten that trends are always ephemeral and change over time. It is more important than following the latest trend to feel comfortable in your clothes and to emphasize your personal charisma. A dirndl is not only a piece of clothing, but also a connection to history and culture. It embodies tradition and individuality in equal measure. We are looking forward to the Oktoberfest and can recommend our Wiesn guide.

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