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Oktoberfest Special: Which dirndls are announced in 2022?

The Oktoberfest is finally taking place again. On September 17th it's time O’zapft is!” at the Theresienwiese in Munich. So it is time to think about the right dirndl. How to meet the right balance between innovation and tradition in your costume will answer you Michelle In this blog article.

What materials, colours and cuts are trendy in 2022 in 2022?

Of the Trend goes back into classic. Glitter and flourishes can stay in the wardrobe this year.

Above all, covered colours such as blue, beige, brown and dark green are very popular. If you like lighter colours, you should put royal blue on tone-in-tone dirndls in pink or, for example, royal blue.

Dirndls are no longer too wide cut, and especially velvet or linen tops are very trendy. 

Which accessories are must-haves this year?

Here, too, less applies this year Flower crowns are 2019. Light knitting jackets in white or beige go very well, but also velvet or loden jackets in muted colours - if it should be colder outside.

Jewellery and bag should complement the look and be kept equally simple.

What should I consider when choosing the blouse? Which material is particularly popular this year?

Trendy dirndl

In 2022, it says: top and in all variations and explanations. Regardless of whether Completely made of lace and long -sleeved, high -necked or short-sleeved. The cut is also classic and elegant here. Under no circumstances should the blouse be picked up with a rushed shoulder.

How do I find the right apron on the current trend?

There are two options: either buy a dirndl that already comes with a suitable apron, So you save yourself some effort. 

If the apron is bought separately: a single -coloured silk apron, a linen apron or a cotton apron with simple, small pattern. But the following also applies here: stay in the tone of the dirndl.

Now the outfit is almost. But which shoes should it be a dirndl in 2022?

In shoes Always split a little opinion. Pumps with a small paragraph always go classically, otherwise like to do suede flats, for example in beige. I always like laced suede boots, but that's a matter of taste. Please keep your fingers from sneakers, unfortunately they quickly make the look cheap.

Should I do without anything this year? Are certain costumes out?

Dirndls that are too colourful and overloaded. Dirndls that are completely in silk look. 

Conclusion on the dirndl trends 2022

Dirndl from velvet

A well-fitting dirndl is the be-all and end-all, it always looks more precious that way. The same goes for the length: you can never go wrong with a skirt length of 70 cm. With muted tones and classic cuts, you'll be ready to go to the Wiesn in 2022 perfectly styled.

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