St. Martin Laterne selbst basteln - Ein DIY Tutorial, das erleuchtet

St. Martin Lantern himself crafts - a DIY tutorial that enlightened

Every year St. Martin's move is characterized by a wide variety of lanterns, which are carried by tall and small through the streets. For this year, there is something very special! A lantern, manufactured with the Mr Beam. And even with a separate motive that can be changed at will. How they St. Martin Lantern easily craft Lets, you will learn in this manual.

Laser design - the outer of the lantern

As it belongs, we have already taken you a part of the work. So you can easily call the Design Store in the software of your MR Beam, after the Keyword "lantern" Search and select the prefabricated design. Then you get six parts you can laser individually. For the outer shell - so the two moons and the edge parts - is a slightly thicker paper. The individual circles, which are supposed to leave the light, should be made more of thinner paper. In addition, you still need black paper for the motives so that they are a clear shade.

Material DIY St. Martins Lantern

Motive Selection - The perfect individualization

Now we come to the announced part of the personalization. The motifs on the right and left of the lantern are the part that picks up your lantern, especially from others. Here you are completely free in the selection. You can either design something yourself, or just let your children ran. The only specification is the Round basic shape of the Martins late.

Now you either have the possibility to work directly on the PC, or to think a design on paper and digitize it later. How the latter works exactly, can you here again Video for crafting St. Martin Lantern check.

Here is a small tip: so that everything really suits, the circle of your motif should be a bit smaller, like the circles of the lantern itself. So you can either in the Mr Beam software Bring to the right size of about 180 mm in diameter, or you do it directly when creating the SVG program of your choice.

Motiv St. Martin Lantern

Laser Preparation - MR Beam Software

If you have arrived at this point of the instructions, you should have all the files for your St. Martin Lantern, which are to be lasered. This includes two different designs or twice the same design for the motifs on the sides of the lantern, as well as the six parts from the Design Store. Here you do not need to be a panic that all six parts are in a file, as you can quickly divide them in the Mr Beam software and with just a few clicks. Click for this in the left column on the three strokes in the lower right corner of your design, and then choose "divide into shapes (overlaps)". Then you can move all six parts individually and remove so that they do not all be released at the same time.

MR Beam software

Laser operation - parameters and settings

Then it can be with the Laser of the Martins lantern Start! Before you click Final on Start, there are still a few things to pay attention to, what the laser parameters are concerned.

Let's start with the edge of the lantern. As you can see, two of the edges in the SVG file are colored blue, while the rest is red. These edges should only be engraved to create a better bicker point, so you push the blue line in the settings for engraving. It is particularly important to use at least as thick paper as shown in the software so that the laser does not simply cut the paper. To make sure, you can swoose the laser parameters for engraving a bit.

MR Beam software settings

The remaining six parts are only cut out. However, since the circles without a moon are to be translucent, you should use thinner paper here as mentioned above. If it is so thin that it is not matching parameter setting In the software, you can easily expand the number of runs. In addition, the compressor power must then be turned down slightly to easily blow the paper away.

MR Beam software settings

Assembly - Master the paste

Next, the finished lasered parts must become one right St. Martin Lantern be made together. Start with the two fronts by placing your motif between the moon and the translucent, thin paper circle and adhesive.

St Martin Lantern motive

Then you can glue the two edges together on the tabs of the short sides together, so they overlap until the first of the small tabs. Then you kink the small tabs inside. Enter glue here on each side and close the lantern with the circles. Pay attention to the right orientation, so that the large recess of the edges is at the height of the small holes in the moon.

St Martin Lantern

Now you can still attach an LED or a tealight to the two small recesses below with a wire and thread a wire for holding the lantern in the holes.

Diy St Martin Lantern

An unforgettable St. Martin Lantern

So she is ready: your Personalized St. Martin Lantern From the Mr Beam! We would be very happy if you would share your result under the Hashtag #madewithmrbeam on the common social media platforms with us and the MR Beam community!

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