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St. Patricks Day Decoration for myself with the Mr Beam

We at Mr Beam want to have designs for every occasion. So the maybe the most widely used St. Patricks Day may not be missing. In addition to the instructions for a chic goblin hat for yours Made St. Patricks Day Decoration will we also clarify in this article, where the St. Patricks Day comes from at all and how best to celebrate this day!

Where does Saint Patrick's Day actually come from?

St. Patrick's Day

On the 17th of March every year, some parts of the world are in a juicy green. The origin of this custom is suitable for this purpose from the land of kobolds: Ireland. There is this day in honor of the Holy Patrick a national holiday. It even goes so far that this Saint Patrick's national saints and patron saint of Ireland is. In the 5th century, he should have come to Ireland as a native Briton with Roman descent as a slave. After his escape from slavery, to which of him the story behold himself, he married his life to Christianity. When he returned to Ireland, he brought his faith closer to her faith and became a national saint.

How is the St. Patricks Day celebrated?

St. Patrick's Day

Nowadays, the Custom widespread far beyond the national borders of Ireland and is no longer seen only by people with Irish descent, but also by many other people as a reason to celebrate. Once a year, only green is worn because that's the color of the Irish, the color of the green island. The celebrations include carnival-like parades, huge parties and, of course, the odd Irish dark beer.

How do I best decorate for St. Patricks Day?

As already mentioned, everything is dipped in green on St. Patricks Day. So you should also consist of your decoration mostly of green elements. The most famous is of course the Green cylinder of a goblin, with which at least every second runs around for this occasion. How you can make such a to St. Patrick's Day yourself, you will find out in the next chapter. In addition, Ireland is always connected with luck and the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. So you should be for one Window decoration Decide, offers a rainbow with gold pot and some signs of happiness, especially the shamrock. Even Garlands are very good at your decoration. As you can design such a self, we have only last, in one Tutorial presented.

Garland St. Patricks Day

How can I use the Mr Beam Do yourself on St. Patricks Day Decoration?

As mentioned earlier, we now want to introduce you to a small project from the Designsssssstore. The classic green cylinder, which is Perfect as St. Patricks Day Decoration for yourself Suitable, is made of felt in our example, but of course can be made from any other bendable material.

Design of St. Patricks Day Decoration

Basically that is the Design of the cylinder, not unusually complicated. It consists of three different SVG files to be lasered in three different materials or colors.

File one Includes the actual hat and is in this size for one felt Suitable in the size of a DIN A3 sheet. Felts in this size and even in matching green, by the way, you also get in our shop in the 5-set in neon colors.

Template cylinder

The second file merely consists of a single rectangle, which Belt band around the cylinder represents around. We have used a black sound paper, but of course you are also completely free in the choice of materials.

Last but not least, we still have the file that contains the belt buckle. We have for that Yellow felt used, which also in the neon colors set is included.

Template St Patricks Day Deko

Laser of St. Patricks Day Decoration

Since our examples with the nine tones are quite bright colors, we recommend cutting the felt to leave the laser a little slower when it is the case in the default setting to the respective color. Otherwise, it may be that the laser Also not completely through the felt even after the second passage. Of course, this only applies if you use exactly the same felt as we do. Otherwise, you would have to try on a small piece, if your set Laser parameter lead to success.

Laser of St. Patricks Day Deco

Crafting the St. Patricks Day Deco

Once you have lasered all three laser files, it's time to start crafting. Of course, it is started with the hat itself. The big circle with recess is the same Cylinder circumferential brim. The rectangle you roll in there and clamp it into the hole of the brim. Then you prefer to stick it with hot glue once again. Now you lock the hat up with the second, smaller circle and also flee it with hot glue.

At the hat is now the belt attached by bringing the black tape to any height once again. It tends to make sense to attach the tape to below. Finally, you still adhere the belt buckle over the overlap of the tape, so that it is hidden.

This makes your hat ready, and you can perfectly in your remaining St. Patricks Day Decoration Install!

St Patricks Day Deco

Alternatives for the St. Patricks Day Decoration

If you might really want to use your hat itself as a headgear, we have two alternatives for you here. Possibility one is, the whole thing Scaling a little bigger, so you can really put on the hat. Then you need more green felt, as it does not fit on a DIN A3 page. The second possibility is to glue the hat obliquely to a headband. This allows you to put it in the smaller scaling for your St. Patricks Day Party.

So you should be good for the St. Patricks Day will be prepared. As always, you like your results with us and the community under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam split. Have fun crafting!

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