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Halloween spider web decoration - DIY door frame decoration

A house without decoration is like Halloween without spooky. It works, but is just not quite the same. If you combine both, it is so important to worry about that your own four walls do not stay bare. With your Mr Beam laser cutter you have the ideal conditions to provide you with your home for a scary beautiful atmosphere. In this little tutorial, we show you with one Spider web door frame decoration exactly the right entry!

Spider web decoration on the door frame - preparation


As always, a few things must be clarified before the start of the laser process. First, you should logically think about what you want to laser. As can be seen from the title of the article, we have for a Spider web motif decided. You can find exactly this motif on Etsy for sale. There are other variants, such as a witch or a cat, on offer.

Halloween door frame deco template

Otherwise, of course, the possibility to create your own design. Simply create in a program of your choice, such as Adobe Illustrator, a suitable one SVG file so that the MR Beam can cut the design afterwards.

Material for the spider web decoration

Now it is clear what you want lasers, so you have to decide in the next step what material You use it. Perfect is our new one acrylic that has recently been available in the online shop. This guarantees you a perfect result, and it's just the right color: black, as it can not fit better with Halloween.

Alternatively, you can here too wood or Kraftplex Use, then you should take the laser result in the end but still a new paint.

Acrylic color

Lasers - from the software to laser cute


Since the preparations to create your Halloween deco yourself are complete, you can now turn on your MR Beam, insert the selected material and then continue in the software. There you either upload your created SVG file, or choose the design from the design store and place it on the work surface. Slide it now to the right position and scaling it for you appropriate. Be especially careful not to make it too big to fit on the door frame at all. If you scale a design on the workspace, you will also be displayed directly in millimeters, how big the laser result becomes. If you have more accurate information about ours software you want, you can do our Youtube video View, in which we have explained all functions.

Laser Cutter Software Settings

Tips and Tricks

If you use as we use acrylic for your spider web decor, you should pay attention to it, also really Laser-capable acrylic to use. Especially with this material, there are many differences. Unfortunately, not every acrylic is the same, some varieties are not as well suited to the laser, like others. The easiest way is here acrylic From our shop, because there you have our guarantee that the Mr Beam cuts through the material like butter!

In order to get the desired result in the end, you must make sure that the camera and preview image really indicates what the MR Beam lases. You reach that by on the one hand in the software the Object height setting, on the other hand, it is also recommended always as possible in the middle of the work surface to laser. Here is the camera at the accurate. In addition, it may happen that the transmitted image of the camera is still slightly out of focus. Then you can just wait a few seconds without changing anything in the workspace. The camera briefly sends a new picture, which is now generally sharpener and better exposed.

Laser Cutter Software Settings

Laser result

After starting the laser process and in the best case the new dreamcut [S] The head in no time has completed the order, you can remove the result of the Mr Beam. If you have decided on black acrylic, you are already finished, and you can spider web decoration directly at your favorite door attach. If you have used another material, we recommend your final result still with color to spray or to paint to miss the door frame decor the perfect scary look.

Spider web halloween decoration

Other decoration ideas for Halloween

Although the door frames decor alone is already a lot of a lot, that's not enough to transform your home in the perfect creepy cabinet. So we have recently another contribution to DIY Halloween Decoration published in which we provide many more ideas and designs to your Halloween decor self-created to lift the next level. Look out there too!

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