Woher kommt der Vatertag? Mr Beam erklärt's

Where does Father's Day come from? Mr Beam explains it

We know how to celebrate this day correctly - solid footwear on our feet, the handle of the handcart in one hand and an open bottle of beer in the other. But where does Father's Day come from? What exactly do we celebrate? And why do we do this, at least in Germany, at the same time as Ascension Day? Mr Beam Read and persecuted traces for this happy festival, collected evidence and compiled all kinds of interesting facts for this double holiday.

Where does Father's Day come from? Who invented him?

Depending on which perspective you are concerned, several answers to these questions can be found. But one thing is certain: the modernity Father's Day, who started his triumphal march around the world from North America in 1910, has a real "mother" and a date of birth.

The Sonora Smart Dodd (1882 - 1978) from Arkansas was the daughter of a veteran of the American Civil War. The family operated a farm in the east of the state of Washington. Sonora's mother died at the birth of her sixth child. Together with her father, the then 16-year-old Sonora raised her five brothers. Ten years later, now married himself and the mother of a son, she decided to start a special holiday: the Father's Day should appreciate the strength and loving care that she and her siblings had experienced by her father. Father's Day was celebrated for the first time on June 19, 1910. The new festive day was gladly accepted nationwide. 64 years after the premiere, President Nixon declared the third Sunday in June as the official holiday in honour of the fathers.

Where does Father's Day come from? A forerunner that is hardly known in Europe

On December 6, 1907, an explosion occurred in the Monongah mine, West Virginia, which was supposed to go into history as the worst mining accident in the United States. It cost 362 miner's life. Half a year later, on July 5, 1908, the US state of the victim fathers intended with their own service. The Father's Day Service found Two years before Mrs. Dodd launched instead of.

Why does Father's Day exist?

Father's day beer

As a counterpart to Mother's Day, who is celebrated on the first Sunday in May, is an answer. Others see him the remains of one of the Traditional "Men's Days", on which the landowner made his ownership claims clear by leaving the property boundaries. Perhaps this holiday has only survived to this day because it gives men the opportunity to go on a hike with subsequent alcohol consumption without "disturbing women". Although the Father's Day is committed in many places in many places, a different trend is now prevailing, which focuses on the idea of ​​being a father and congers this holiday for the family day.

When is Father's Day?

The simple answer: In Germany, Father's Day is celebrated on the Assumption of Christ, On a Thursday 39 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday. The history of religion, however, gives us more than an answer to the questions "Where does Father's Day come from, and when is it celebrated?" Father's days as an occasion to pay homage to a divine or human paternity has a long tradition. In the Orthodox Eastern Churches, for example, the second-last Sunday before Christmas had for several centuries been dedicated to the memory of Christ's male ancestors - a lineage that goes back to the forefather Abraham and on to Adam.

From the early 15th century, the religious tradition has been handed down to celebrate St. Joseph on March 19 as a fatherly "Nourisher of the Lord". Finally, the Coptic Orthodox Church has been celebrating July 20 for about 1,500 years as its own St. Joseph Day and Paternity day. And these are just a few examples from the wide field of Christian faith. In other cultures and around the world, Father's Day falls on another date.

Why is Father's Day on Ascension Day?

The connection between one of the highest Christian holidays and the special day for fathers is not completely clarified. Benevolent minds see a connection between the Apostles' procession to Mount Olivet and a gentlemen's tour with handcarts and beer crates.  Accordingly, the Ascension, which Jesus brings back to his father, this day for Father's Day. What doesn't sound far -fetched: Ascension Day was officially declared Father's Day in National Socialist Germany in 1936. In fact, the basic idea goes back to the 4th century AD.

What are popular gifts on Father's Day?

Gift for Father's Day

The festival is all about the happy hiker, handyman, grill master, hobby cooks - or simply in a good mood on a hopefully wonderful day in Late spring. Gift ideas follow that serve various hobbies and interests.

  • Grill accessories: pliers, grilled meat fork, brush, thermometer, grill apron ...
  • Ingredients for grilling: maybe barbecue spices, -sauces, -dressings
  • Books: A magnificent illustrated book for the grill specialist, a DIY-Compendium depending on the area of ​​interest
  • Tool (accessories): a hammer with wooden handle, a cordless screwdriver, a tool box
  • Something personalized: for example drinking glasses or cups With name/with saying

Can it be something alcoholic? How about a whiskey gift? Or one Assortment of fancy beer types? Maybe even with a handcart that a few birch branches and a box decorate beer?

Is Father's Day in other countries?

Last but not least, a look over the fence: the Combination of Ascension and Father's Day is more or less limited to Germany. The following short list does not claim to be complete, but only wants to give an impression of the diversity that is associated with the appreciation of father.

  • Austria celebrates the Father's Day on the second Sunday in June,
  • For the still young Swiss “Father Day”, the Confederation reserves the first Sunday in June.
  • Also in Austria, but also in Ticino and in many Mediterranean/Catholic regions of Europe, Father's Day falls together with Joseph Day on March 19.
  • Numerous countries took over the third Sunday in June, the anniversary of the first official Father's Day, including most Latin American countries, the Netherlands, several Eastern European countries, Japan, China and the Philippines and South Africa.
  • Also, quite often the Father's Day in autumn Celebrated, including on the first Sunday in September in Australia and Oceania, on November 12 in Indonesia, on December 5 in Thailand on December 5.

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