#beamies - Matthias builds dioramas with the Mr Beam

Foreword to #beamies

Today we put a new series on our Mr Beam Blog before. We love our community and are super proud of each of our users. That's why we want our “Beamies” and their #madewithmrbeam Creations Give a stage and focus more on. We call this impressive series #beamies.

You also want to be part of the #beamies series? Then contact us by email and we clarify everything else. 😊🧡 

Matthias introduces himself

Question: Briefly to you: Please introduce yourself briefly and tell our readers something about you. Since when do you have one Mr Beam? Which model do you have?

Answer: Hello, my name is Matthias, I am 56, married, live in Munich and gave me one in March 2022 Mr Beam II dreamcut [S] in the bundle with the Air Filter II system bought. Before that I had one CO2 laser, but which I returned after a few weeks because he did not cut precisely. Nevertheless, I did not regret the first experience with this device, because one thing was clear to me: A laser is exactly the tool I need.

Many years ago there was a copy shop in the city centre of Munich, which also offered laser cuts. There I had shapes cut out a few times that I couldn't have cut with my on -board funds. But that was an expensive pleasure, and sometimes the laser did not penetrate the material completely, so I had to help with the cutter. Nevertheless, a laser has been a wish from me since then, even more than e.g. B. a 3D printer. However, I only found out at the beginning of this year that laser cutters are now available for home.

Creative projects - demanding hobby

Diorama submarine

Question: What kind of creative projects do you currently implement? Do you do this professionally, or is that just a hobby?


Answer: For more than 25 years I have been making a great passion for dioramas for action figures from films, TV series, comics or computer games. This I also like to call dioramas "stages". However, I am not concerned with the exact replica of certain scenes. Of course, I let the films etc. encourage myself, but otherwise implement my own ideas. The main thing is that the figures and the stages look great together.

What does dioramas mean?
Dioramas is the plural of the word diorama. A diorama is a small showcase that is supposed to stage model figures and landscapes in model building. A diorama can also be seen in museums, e.g. to present animals in their natural environment or to outline historical events. Of course, as in the case of Matthias, film scenes can also be replaced.

Why do I build these stages? Even as a child, I was able to do more with toy figures than with toy cars, and somehow this enthusiasm has been kept. In addition, the figures have become better and better over time and are now similar to their “real” role models down to the smallest detail and simply look fantastic. Sure, nowadays, I no longer play with the characters. Instead, they serve as inspiration for the stages, which means that I can live out my creativity in my free time. My last two works were the "basement room", inspired by the "Evil Dead" films and the associated characters, as well as a "submarine cabin". Whenever I finish a stage, I will start the next project promptly because I still have so many ideas that I want to implement.

Diorama film scene

Question: Do your projects always go in the same direction, or do you do something in a different direction?

Answer: My projects go in the same direction from the basic principle. This is mainly due to the figures for which I build the stages. Since these figures are almost only from the fantasy area (horror, sci-fi etc.), the stages also look accordingly. That doesn't bother me because I always have a lot of left for these topics. Sure, times building a completely different stage would really irritate me, but there should also be figures in the right quality and on the right scale.

Question: What difficulties do you meet in your projects, and how does the Mr Beam included?

In the course of time, I have acquired a number of tools, including metal rulers with guide rails for cutting devices and compass cutters for cutting out circles. Nevertheless, I have been pushing my limits for a long time, because I cannot produce a lot with my previous on -board equipment despite all care. The hinges for the door of the "submarine cabin" are a good example. I can do that, do not cut out in this precision by hand. This is only possible with one laser.

Moving on stage sets

A look into the future

Dioramas built with a laser

Question: Which materials you particularly like to process with the Mr Beam And which would you like to edit?


Answer: The stages mainly exist made of 3 mm thick wood or fin cardboard. This material can be cut well with conventional tools (cutter etc.), but for small and filigree shapes it must Laser Ran. I have not yet dealt with other materials, but it is probably only a matter of time before I would like to try something new too. Maybe there will be transparent ones at some point, acrylic that with one Mr Beam lets cut. I would also like to take a closer look at Kraftplex.

Question: What creative work can you imagine in the future if the Mr Beam support you regularly?

Answer: Admittedly - as a hobby tool, the purchase of the Mr Beam is a real luxury. But almost every hobby that you do with passion will be noticeable in your wallet at some point.

So far I have been able to Mr Beam already realized some stages that would not have been possible before. Where I found that the stages with Mr Beam do not arise faster than before. If the Laser cutter cuts quite quickly, it takes a lot of time to finish and draw the shapes. The "submarine cabin" was the first stage, which I completely engraved and cut out with the laser. As a result, I have gained a lot of experience and learned a lot about what with Mr Beam is possible (and what not) and what you have to pay attention to.

Individual parts diorama

How it goes on? Well, I will continue to shape my stages, but can now build things that were not possible before. And since my wife already have some ideas for what you do for Mr Beam the laser will continue to be well employed in the future. 😊

Thank you so much for the insights into your work and the time you took. We are always thrilled when we see the diverse creations of our #beamies.

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