Weihnachtliche Bestecktaschen lasern leicht gemacht

Christmas cutlery bags made easy

How do you always say so? The eye is eating. This is true not only for food that lie on the plate, but everything around it. Table decoration belongs to a good feast as well as the delicacies that it is possible to eat. So that you can meet these requirements, we have this Tutorial written so that you with your MR Beam the perfect Diy Felt cutlery bags can produce. Have fun!

Laser design from the DesignStore

In the DesignStore you stand as always our laser file with the name "Christmas cutlery" available, which we have also used in this tutorial. These are four different variants, all perfect for Christmas. The principle is always the same. The floor area of ​​the cutlery holder is big enough to accommodate a whole set of cutlery. So it will not be dirty. Of the Mr Beam Laser Cutter Then cut a tape in the middle, through which you can pass the cutlery, so you do not slip. On the tape, then an appealing, Christmas design will be lasered.

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MR Beam Tasting Package Felt Box

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Felt 5er set

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Felt 5-set neon colors

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Cutlery bag template

Creating tips about creating the design

If you give yourself the Christmas cutlery bags themselves design want to add, or at least want to add a few more motifs, you will find here a few practical tips for creating the laser file.

  • In the basic form of your Christmas cutlery pockets, you can let your creativity run wild. Whether a simple, rectangular design with rounded corners or a complex pattern on the edges and edges. But do not forget to make the area big enough to really fit the cutlery on it.
  • The same applies to the motive on the band, who should later hold the cutlery, but it is important to ensure that everything remains contiguous. Of course, you can cut out individual small parts, as is the case, for example, in our tap variant. But significant is that in the end is not the whole motif falling out.

If you have downloaded the design from the design store, and now you want to extend the designs to a few more motifs, you have the advantage that it logically around our files SVG files acts. You can easily insert them into Adobe Illustrator or a similar program and edit directly.
Simply insert two lines with the length of the brackets and then remove the old subject by performing double-clicking on the path to be removed to that To edit object in insulation mode. With a further simple click on the path you can now edit it individually, or remove in our case. Now you have enough space for your new motive!

Graphic cuisine cutlery bags

Laser settings

After the files are finished, we can already come to the laser. Place it felt in the color of your choice in the MR Beam, the object height stop and place the file on the work area. Do not forget the thickness of the cutting mat Bring to the object height, if you use one.

If you have placed the design matching, you can click on "Lasern". Choose the Color of your felt, the end. If not exactly the right color is available, simply select a similar and take the laser parameters a bit. The brighter or the bluish the felt is, the more intensity or runs you need to really cut through. But what exactly it has with the laser parameters, you can in this article Read again.

Laser parameter settings for cutlery bags

Felt cutlery pockets - The perfect complement to the Christmas table

The MR Beam showed again what he can do everything and has you very individual, Christmas cutlery bags Lased. They fit perfectly in the contemplative atmosphere of the Christmas feast. We would be very happy if you under the hashtag #madewithmrbeam yours decorated Christmas table Share with us. And thus a merry Christmas to all!

Christmas cutlery bags

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