Individuelles Puzzle aus Holz - Geschenkideen für jeden Anlass

Individual wooden puzzle - gift ideas for every occasion

The Mr Beam Laser Cutter provides thousands of opportunities to create the most creative and beautiful gifts for all occasions. One of them, which is actually suitable in any situation, is an individual puzzle. How to use your Mr Beam making a puzzle out of wood yourself you can find out in this Tutorial, have fun!

The puzzle file

Of course, a puzzle can be designed in a wide variety of ways. No matter if it is a simple motif cut into several individual parts, or a complex, but classic puzzle. No problem with the Mr Beam. We tried a real puzzle. Of course, you can find the file we used for this in the designstore. The self-designed Wooden jigsaw puzzle it consists of 224 individual parts, all of which can be lasered in one go.

Puzzle Templates

Materials - wood and other possibilities

As already from the title, we make our own puzzle out of wood, that we glue with a photo. The most suitable are wooden panels which have no branch holes or other inclusions in the wood. Otherwise, the laser does not quite get through the wood in some places. If you then want to try to take the parts apart, the delicate connecting parts could possibly break off.

Wooden Puzzle Crafts

Alternatively, some other materials are also suitable here, such as cardboard, Acrylic or Shield material from our shop. In this article can you get an overview again, what materials the Mr Beam can laser. With cardboard, make sure that it is not too thick, otherwise the laser may not get through.


mr-beam-premium wooden box


signs-material-acrylic-set of 3




Gluing the puzzle together

If you have decided on a material, you still need a suitable motif that you want to stick on your puzzle. It is particularly important that you have a Adhesive using the no chlorine in order not to harm the Mr Beam when burning. It is best to buy an extra suitable glue if you are not sure about yours.

The other option is to use both To laser materials separately from each other and then glue the puzzle pieces together. But on the one hand, of course, this is much more effort, on the other hand, you also require the photo on a slightly firmer paper, so that the laser does not simply blow the whole small parts through the whole case.

If you use reflective photos, as you can print them out in drugstores, for example, you should definitely not laser them on the front, as the reflective surface reflects the laser light and can possibly damage the laser itself.
Laser jigsaw puzzle made of wood

Lasers - what needs to be paid attention to?

Once you have pasted the photo on the material, place it in the work surface and place the SVG of the puzzle on it. It is best not to need the photo all the way to the edge, so that you have some buffer, as you can see in our example. Here, too, is important again: Laser just direct the photo when you're no reflective image use. Then you can just turn the entire thing over and laser it from the other side. This only makes it a little more complicated to place the SVG correctly.

If it is placed correctly, you can already click on lasers. Since you now want to cut through two layers at once, you have to tinker with the parameters a bit. In our example, we simply have the Default settings for Swiss Stone pine - so our used wood - discontinued and added a third pass. It should then be said that this laser process can take quite a while, because the laser can not really drive fast.

Laser parameters for wooden puzzles

Alternative photo engraving for the puzzle

If you prefer not to use a printed photo as the basis for your puzzle, we have an interesting alternative here. Did you know that you can, you also make photo engravings with your Mr Beam? Sometimes it's enough to just load the image into your desktop and start lasering on it. However, to make sure that the engraving also looks good, you should edit the picture a little beforehand. In our knowledge base you will find a detailed article about how you should proceed.

Photo engraving puzzle made of wood

Since the laser job then takes even longer than it already does, you can easily make engraving and cutting in two steps. It is also advisable to try out in advance on a small scale whether you have set the correct settings in the image and in the laser, so that the engraving looks good. Not that you start the long laser job for free. It is important to always be close when you laser, so calculate this before you start a long laser procedure!

Self-designed wooden puzzle

So we have now presented you with several options, you create your own photo puzzle yourself. I hope you and your recipient will have a lot of fun with it! We are very happy to take a look at your results, which, as always, you can easily find under #madewithmrbeam you can share with us and the whole community!

Wooden jigsaw puzzle

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