Meet the Team: Jessica stellt sich vor

Meet the Team: Jessica introduces herself

What are your duties with Mr Beam?

As Head of Marketing & Sales, I take care of the entire Customer Journey of Mr Beam's customers on a daily basis. Whether it's the branding measures, monitoring social media channels, supervising the Mr Beam Facebook Group but also the planning and implementation of campaigns and trade shows. I also organize the distribution and support.

The work at Mr Beam is extremely versatile, as the target groups from our laser mother are so fundamentally different. Besides, I'm always looking at our KPIs and sales figures. Because "if the product is good, there is no need for marketing" is no longer a principle.

In marketing, we have with Mr Beam a goal every day to make as many people as possible aware of our laser moth in the respective target groups. Because often our target group doesn't know that a laser moth solves their problem! In addition, my great passion is to test new designs and materials. Did you know? Sometimes it takes up to three months for a new material to get into the shop. We only want to offer Mr Beam high-quality materials and therefore test them thoroughly before we put them on sale.

What's a normal working day like with you?

Normal doesn't really exist with Mr Beam. But first, of course, I check my emails and then all our channels. Any new messages? New followers? What happens under our hashtag #madewithmrbeam Posted? Are there any interesting new cooperation partners? Then I'll check our current campaigns and sales figures. Where else might it be necessary to adjust? Which target group performs well? All these questions concern me every day. It is also one of my daily tasks to check the tickets. Are there frequent errors or difficulties with our customers right now? We can if necessary. By posting on our channels to point out important information?

Of course I have some meetings in the meantime and then the working day is almost over. In the evening, it is mostly Instagram time, because our followers are very active and online. At Instagram and Pinterest I also get all my inspiration for new engraving and cutting drawings for example for promotional photos or campaigns. Of course "Tik Tok" is also observed diligently - after all we are always looking for input and trends for our own Account

What makes Mr Beam special to you?

I love what I do every day. And I think that's so powerful. To do what you love. I'm a creative man, and in Mr. Beam I found an employer who my creativity demands but also promotes. I also like Mr Beam the versatility of the team and our super central office!

I'm learning a lot about hardware and software, for example. And of course I love it when our customers receive their device and share their first impressions and experiences with joy. When I see these posts and Insta stories, I know we did a good job.

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