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Garden house sale - what do I have to consider?

When you set up a business in a garden shed, you rely on an idea that is becoming increasingly popular. This gives you extraordinary sales areas with a wide range of advantages. A garden shed is suitable for sale with a wide range of uses. At the same time, such a shop also offers you flexibility for business purposes. You may also be able to become self-employed part-time and only sell your products on weekends.

Legal aspects of commercial sales in a garden shed

With regard to the necessary permits and legal requirements, building law in Germany is particularly important as soon as you are planning a commercial sale in a garden house. In addition, general requirements for sales outlets with customer traffic and, among other things, individual requirements during business registration and correct registration with the tax office remain important. In each individual case, consultation with the responsible authorities is essential if you want to reliably clarify the chances of obtaining permits.

As soon as you use a garden shed for a commercial sale, similar requirements apply as for so-called living space extensions. Legally, it is therefore a main use of the building, which usually requires a permit. In most cases, you will need to submit one of the following applications:


  • planning application
  • exception request
  • request for exemption


You will not find any general regulation that uniformly defines the specific approval procedures for summer houses with a sale throughout Germany. Because there are significant regional differences. In addition, the specifications are not clear in some cases and therefore lead to room for interpretation. Above all, the following regulations and special features often decide which conditions apply to permitted trades in the garden house:


  • Various building regulations in the individual federal states
  • Development plan as well as general specifications of the city or municipality on site
  • Interpretation of the details and usual procedure at the responsible building authority


Only by contacting the local authorities will you be able to clarify whether your plans for a business in the garden house are compatible with the legal situation. Specified minimum distances to the property line differ in many federal states. In Bavaria, for example, you are generally not allowed to place a garden house for sale on or at the boundary of the property. The permissible lengths, heights and areas also depend on regional specifications. Special features such as a fireplace also have different effects in the approval process.

In general, you can assume that the specifications for a garden house for sale in a metropolitan area or a large city are rather strict. The more space available in an area, the better the chances of getting a permit. Approval procedures are sometimes less complicated in rural areas.

It is often impossible to subsequently change the purpose of a garden house. That's why you should always contact the building authority early on if commercial use is an option for you in the long term. As part of a consultation, officials in the authorities can explain to you which permits you need. At the same time, the officials will explain to you the requirements for a summer house with a permitted sale. Early consultation with the building authority avoids numerous mistakes that lead to the rejection of an application.

Business ideas for garden houses with commercial use

Laser cutter for the garden house sale

By selling in a garden shed, you have the opportunity to realize a wide variety of business ideas and, in particular, to present your products in a positive light with our Mr Beam laser cutter . Compared to a business in larger buildings, you can often benefit from enormous cost savings. In addition, garden houses convince with flexibility, because the design can be adapted relatively easily to a sale with very different goods. By personalizing or refining surfaces with the Mr Beam laser cutter directly at the POS , you positively emphasize unusual features of products that you have manufactured yourself.

The following ideas, among others, are extremely attractive for sales in the garden house:

Fresh goods

  • Food stall
  • Boutique with useful products for the garden and the household
  • Shop with accessories for the home and decorative items


Selling in a garden shed, for example, is a popular business idea for a grocery store with typical farm products such as cheese or milk from its own production. In a trusting environment, some farmers provide such a self-service shop. Customers can take groceries themselves from a machine in the garden shed and then put the cash in the till themselves. Sturdy wood with an eye-catching finish often makes log cabins particularly appealing in a sale like this. This idea is a very interesting option if the producing farm is in the immediate vicinity of the point of sale and the owner can therefore keep an eye on the processes.


As soon as you offer garden care products for sale in garden sheds, there is a good opportunity for demonstrations. In a garden you can then show on site how your goods make everyday gardening easier. You give such a boutique the right charm for the sale with a garden house with a natural-looking wood look. If you want to offer decorative items or home accessories instead, more modern design ideas make sense. Because of the relatively small area in garden sheds, it is fairly inexpensive to invest in an appropriate design for sale. In addition, the shop design can be quickly and flexibly adapted if changes are requested.

Advantages of a trade in the garden house

A garden shed offers you decisive advantages for the sale of a product in many cases. Cost savings due to the small area are exceptionally advantageous if you only trade a limited number of goods anyway. When selling in tranquil garden houses, you get the opportunity to specifically emphasize the strengths of a relatively small range.

Another advantage is that you can concentrate on a single purpose with such a sales stand with inexpensive conditions. You are spared typical problems with other tenants or neighbors in the same building by selling in your own garden house. In addition, you will be able to separate the private life in your house more clearly from your business. You will benefit from this especially if you live on the same property with children and use a summer house in a relatively secluded area when selling. This way you avoid that your roommates and your customers might find each other disturbing.

In addition, when you sell in garden houses next to your own apartment, you save yourself the long journeys that would be necessary with a shop in more distant local areas. This leaves more money and additional time at the same time. A possible lunch break in the kitchen of the neighboring apartment with a family meal together is just as appealing. Therefore, selling in a garden shed is often a good compromise between being close to your own home and the necessary seclusion for undisturbed customer business. The versatile and flexible design options are of course also a great advantage.

Planning and design for sale in garden houses

Before you design a garden house for sale with commercial purposes, easy access for customer traffic is a particularly important criterion in the planning. If a separate entrance on the property is necessary for this, the costs are noteworthy in the planning phase. For the successful sale of your products, the summer house should definitely stand out on the street in front of the property and not be hidden behind another building. Good visibility and uncomplicated accessibility means that your shop is usually visited by more customers.

In addition, the following tips for the design of the various areas in the garden house are important:

  • Work area with practical tables, workbenches and holders for tools
  • Storage options with a particularly robust base and space-saving shelves
  • Inviting customer reception with sales-promoting design and clear separation from the production area

Practical considerations for a trade in the garden house

When planning to sell in garden sheds all year round, both during the day and after sunset, practical considerations of electricity, heating and insulation are all essential. A professional light installation enables successful sales campaigns at night. If you offer food, power connections before selling in the garden shed are often important for preparation with a stove or kitchen appliances. A licensed professional should take care of the installation. The following options are conceivable for the power supply under certain conditions:


  • Connection to a building power connection on the property via underground cable
  • Direct connection to the public power grid
  • Powered by its own generator
  • Power generation with photovoltaic system
  • Supply via wind turbine


If you are also planning to sell your garden shed in winter, reliable heating is just as indispensable. The following variants are conceivable for this:


  • Electric heating with classic electric heaters, converters or radiators
  • Gas heating as a solution without the need for electricity
  • infrared heating
  • oil radiator


With effective insulation, you offer garden houses protection from the weather on the one hand and reduce the influence of extreme outside temperatures on sales on the other. The following advice is crucial for good insulation:


  • Particularly careful insulation on the floor in the commercial garden shed
  • Dry insulation through sufficient distances for air circulation, sufficient impregnation and diffusion-open foils
  • Effective roof insulation with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture and mold growth
  • Elimination of thermal bridges with sealants and airtight window installation
  • The insulation is carried out by a true professional


In general, when selling in garden sheds, it is highly recommended that you choose quality materials. Sturdy constructions are more attractive and remain more durable over time. Therefore, durable wood with metal as a possible alternative is usually a good choice.

Conclusion: Versatile advantages and possibilities through commercially used garden houses

Garden house sale

A commercially used garden house opens up a wide range of advantages and opportunities for you when selling it. You find an interesting trade-off between seclusion and proximity to your home, as well as attracting customers. The variety of suitable business ideas is almost limitless with examples such as grocery stores, garden article boutiques or accessory sales. Use the advantages of a trade in the garden house to realize your business dreams and use creative design options with the Mr Beam laser cutter, for example! Do you want to start a small business? Then find out more about starting a small business here!

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