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Today we introduce you to a slightly different Mr Beam user. Sabrina supplies us with the beeswax for the wood care set from our online shop and is just as hard-working as her bees. From beeswax to wood to lasering. This is roughly how her story can be described. But read for yourself. 🙂

Sabrina introduces herself


Hi Sabrina, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. It's best to first tell us something about yourself.

I'm Sabrina, 35 years old and at home in Sassanfahrt near Bamberg. I live there in a rather rural area with my husband and our two dogs. Perfect conditions to pursue my passion of beekeeping. 

How exactly did you get into beekeeping? When did your passion finally become a career?

I come from a family of beekeepers and grew up with bees. During my childhood, I often spent summer days at the bee house; Honey extracting was also an absolute highlight every year.

When my husband expressed an interest in beekeeping and attended a beekeeping course himself, we decided to keep a few bee colonies on our property. Perfect timing - we were able to harvest our first honey in our wedding year 2014 and give it to our wedding guests. What started with a few bee colonies in the garden has now grown into a part-time beekeeping business.

Beekeeping is exciting

Honey factory

That sounds like a lot of work - what fascinates you about bees? What are your favourite works?

That's right, the main bee season is manageable from February/March to August/September, but there is always work to be done. While a lot happens outside with the bee colonies in the main months, we beekeepers use the winter months for clean-up, repair work and for honey marketing. That's where we're at: I love extracting honey and then bottling it in jars.

All wood requires care

Wood care set

To build the bridge now. How did you find out about Mr Beam?

I have been supplying a local company, Feelwoodfurniture, with my beeswax for years. High-quality wood care products are manufactured there. And now to Mr Beam - I mean: wood, laser cutter and beeswax - that's the perfect match! So we have developed a great wood care product for you with pine oil, which is now also available in your shop.

Mr Beam wood care set with stone pine oil and beeswax

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Mr Beam plywood beech, 4mm, pack of 5 A3, suitable for [x]

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Wooden Set Full Wood Zirbe

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What makes your beeswax so special?

Beeswax is a natural product that honey bees produce with their wax glands. Honeycombs from my bee colonies are melted down using a steam wax melter, cleaned and left in their natural shape. I don't mix any substances, so it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. 

Do you have any tips for our users to use?

Would you like to protect your wooden surface from environmental influences such as moisture and dirt? The wood care can be applied in circular movements using a lint-free cloth. The wood structure as well as the colours come into their own much more beautifully - a nice side effect!

Get exclusive insights

Beekeeping work

Is there any way to follow your work? Do you regularly provide insights, for example via Instagram?

You can follow my work with the bees, as well as insights into my honey production and wax processing, via my social media channels

Expand the range with the Mr Beam laser cutter

Engraving with Mr Beam

What ultimately convinced you to get a Mr Beam, and what creations would you like to create?

I was still missing a laser - the flexibility to spontaneously laser hive signs myself, or to do my own engravings in wooden honey spoons, plus countless other product ideas such as wooden boards, wooden business cards and the like are things that I would like to implement in a timely manner.

Mr Beam engraving

Finally, three “either-or” questions 

Honey bread or Nutella bread?

Of course - Nutella bread! Surprising to some, I know ;)

Do you prefer outdoor or indoor?

Outdoors with lots of sun! In the end, it's the mix that makes the difference - I love my varied everyday life.

Carnica or Buckfast?

Only beekeepers understand this question - I can't make up my mind yet. 😉

Quick overview of Carnica and Buckfast bees

Carnica bees (Apis mellifera carnica):

  • Gentle breed of bees
  • Originally native to the Alps and the Balkans.
  • Well adapted to cold weather

Buckfast bees:

  • Bred by Benedictine monk Brother Adam in Great Britain
  • Crossing different breeds of bees for disease resistance and high honey yields
  • Known for productivity and adaptability to different climates


Thank you, Sabrina, for taking the time to answer our questions. We're always happy to be able to present our Beamies in the blog and are always thrilled with all the different cases! 🧡

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