In our laser cutter, we have implemented modern technologies to simplify operations. During the development phase, the focus was mainly on the devise user-friendly application. For example, an integrated WLAN and a built-in camera ensure a fast and precise processing of various materials.

  • mr-beam-icon-laser
    Shortwave 5W laser beam

    Mr Beam II works with a semiconductor laser. Depending on the nature of a material, it is either vaporized, burned or molten when the laser light strikes. Thanks to a high precision, the thermal process is suitable for cutting complex shapes and engraving filigree, highly detailed designs.

  • webbasiert
    Web-based Software

    Mr Beam II does not require any software installation. Designs can be created in any program of your choice and uploaded via drag & drop in our web application where you can also easily update the necessary laser job settings.

  • camera
    Integrated camera

    Mr Beam II has a built-in camera in the safety cover. When the lid is open, a photo of the work surface is made every few seconds, ensuring precise arrangement of the materials. The designs can be aligned in our web application.

  • Laser beam 5W - 450nm
  • Software Web-based
  • Camera Integrated
  • Laser class 1
  • Working surface 500mm x 390mm 
  • Strong and highly efficient 5W shortwave laser (450nm)
  • Safety housing made of metal, transparent protective cover
  • Optional: Smoke extraction with our Air Filter System
  • CE Certification
  • Integrated camera for an easy placement of your design templates
  • Integrated WLAN
  • Firmware Updates "Over The Air"
  • Browser-based Plug & Play software for Mac, Windows, Linux and Tablets
    (without installation)
  • Ready to use, just unpack and get started

Having a large working surface, the Mr Beam II external dimensions are very compact. The security case is 724 x 538 x 175 mm with a working area of 500 x 390 mm which allows operating with larger templates. Thanks to a compact size the device can be easily placed on any standard desk.

Air Filter System
Thermal processing produces more or less smoke, depending on the material. In order to avoid unpleasant odors and fine particles from the exhaust air, we offer an Air Filter System, your simple solution to ensure a safe and odorless application.
Tip: Reading material

For an easy introduction to the subject of laser cutting, we recommend to have a look at our textbook. From the basics to the laser technology in general. It also includes some tips on how to prepare your graphics and the necessary settings for the laser job.

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