Our Customers

We have made it our mission to develop a laser cutter that is extensively applicable and very easy to use.

Our success has been driven by your passion to create.



Compact, practical and inexpensive - Mr Beam II fits perfectly in our 12-person office. It allows us to build more detailed and accurate models that delight our customers and us.

Teamwerk Architekten



I see ourselves as a small manufacturer that gives great importance to individuality and customer wishes. Thanks to the Mr Beam II, it is now even easier to work on special requests. For me as a businessman, the device combines points such as cost and benefit, flexibility and ease of use. So I solely benefit from it.

Klaus Zimmerman, StadtLandCut



With Mr Beam II we can bring a potential of digital manufacturing to all disciplines at the academy. Nobody has to learn complicated software, even if you are not that much familiar with "digital", it is easy to start and experiment.

Prof. Anne Bergner

Chair Fundamentals Design and Prototyping
State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart



It was crucial for us to meet the growing demand, having all the team members work with the laser. So it had to be a device that is easy to use and complies with the German safety standards. The Mr Beam II is a perfect solution for us.



GoldGrün is a roadshow project from the Chamber of Handicrafts in Koblenz, Germany, which promotes education for the trade jobs, or "crafts", and its contribution to sustainability. We turn craftsmanship into an experience. One of those experiences is the use of Mr Beam II as a tool for handcrafts. Our aim with the laser cutter is to show how exciting handcraft can be. So far, Mr Beam II has been very popular on our roadshows!



Mr Beam II easy and safe operation gives us a high incentive to get creative. Now we have the freedom we didn’t have before, withall saving us a lot of time.