Our desktop laser cutter Mr Beam II is great for creating precise architectural models. It makes it easy to cut or engrave even the smallest details and curves and works with a wide range of materials.


  • mr-beam-icon-exact-cutting
    Precise cutting

    With our tabletop laser cutter you can precisely cut round shapes and contours. Even the tiniest details, like balustrade, can be implemented with no extra effort.

  • mr-beam-icon-engraving
    Engraving details

    Engraving details like facade structure or ornaments is smooth and easy. The necessary settings can be adjusted in the user interface.

  • mr-beam-icon-compact
    Compact size

    The security case size is only 724 x 538 x 175 mm, so the device perfectly fits on any standard desk. We made sure to use the most space for the working surface which is 500 x 390 mm.

  • Web based With Mac, PC or Tablet
  • Camera Easy design placement
  • In the office Use with Air Filter


Details such as facade structure, ornaments, windows or railings can be precisely cut or engraved with the Mr Beam II desktop laser cutter. If more than one copy of the same element is needed, you can multiply it in the web application and reproduce as many times as needed.




Mr Beam II laser cutter is a perfect tool to design and build architectural models. High precision and flexibility in models making facilitate the work and provide competitive advantages when working with the customers and taking part in competitions.



Operation of the Mr Beam II is platform independent via a web application, no software installation is necessary. Integrated WLAN or LAN allows you to operate your MRB in the existing network. Designs can be created in any program and uploaded into the web application where you can easily customize your settings based on the laser job and materials. 

€ 2.985,00
Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter
€ 3.599,00
Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter & Air Filter Bundle