While cutting and engraving with the Mr Beam II you will have some smoke produced. 
With a proper Air Filter system your indoor air is always kept clean, with no odors or smoke.

Indoor use

Although the Mr Beam II can be used indoors without the Air Filter system, the hose for the smoke must be routed through an open window. With the Air Filter system, the air always stays odorless and unpolluted.

Combined filter

The Air Filter system is equipped with a combined HEPA- / carbonactivated filter which cleans the exhaust air perfectly. Particles and odors created during the laser job are completely filtered out of the exhaust air.

Easy installation

We supply every laser cutter with a hose that can be easily plugged into the Air Filter system. As the opening fits perfectly, no screwing or complex installation is needed.

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Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter
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Mr Beam II Desktop Laser Cutter & Air Filter Bundle
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